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Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

Creative Industries as Cultural Arts Practice
By. Prof. Penn T. Larena, CPS,MPA

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Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries PENN T. LARENA, CPS,MPA
  2. 2. “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” - NEIL ARMSTRONG
  3. 3. Learning Outcomes The creative industries represent a vital, exciting and rapidly changing field of activity; one that is now recognized as a key growth sector in the knowledge-based economy. However, there is still a general lack of understanding of what is meant by the term ‘creative industry’, and the creative sector has not, to date, been the subject of concerted academic research. This book redresses the balance by providing valuable insights into the creative entrepreneurial process and platforming some of the key challenges yet to be addressed. How a person can sell a products in promoting Arts & Culture in entrepreneurial world understanding entrepreneurial studies within creative industries.
  4. 4. The nature of creative entrepreneurship
  5. 5. Example of Products promote Culture,Heritage and History
  6. 6. The creative industries and entrepreneurship in East & Southeast Asia
  7. 7. HABI The Philippine Textile Council
  8. 8. Africa
  9. 9. Latin America
  10. 10. Scandinavian creative industries food
  11. 11. United Kingdom
  12. 12. Creative Industries during Pandemic Creative are currently testing in the framework of pilot actions Creative Industries Voucher schemes having precisely the objective to facilitate such cross-sectoral collaboration, building on experiences from the business sector
  13. 13. 6200 PopUp 6200 PopUp Trade fairs are great for networking, and it’s much easier to make a connection with someone, whether they’re a fellow exhibitor or an attendee, at a trade fair than it is anywhere else. Join us in our next 6200 PopUp Trade Fair. Visit our website at for more information.
  14. 14. The Negros Trade Fair
  15. 15. Subida
  16. 16. Online selling Ilocano Summer Native Towel
  17. 17. Promoting Heritage thru Photo Session
  18. 18. Vallehermoso Helping Hands Foundation
  19. 19. The Jay Cyrus Studio Café. Dumaguete City