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Strategic Insights Study Content Marketing Sample

Penton Digital Research Strategic Insights Study Content Marketing Sample

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Strategic Insights Study Content Marketing Sample

  1. 1. | 1 Content Marketing Analysis and Strategy Sample
  2. 2. | 2 The New Marketing Funnel Move Customers from Awareness to Conversion Inbound Driven, Branded Promotions Ex: Infographics, Videos, Social Brand Awareness Consideration Conversion Re-Engagement Attract New Customers Ex: Search Engines, Social, Blogs Convert Visitors Ex: Website, Company Blog, Calls to Action Maintain Customers Ex: Follow-Up, Education, Webinars
  3. 3. | 3 Content Marketing Mix How DuPont™ Can Funnel their Audience and Create Brand Evangelists with Content AWARENESS Measure: Social shares, brand mentions Brand Awareness INFOGRAPHICS VIDEO SOCIAL SHARING PRODUCT COMPARISON TOOLS CONSIDERATION Measure: Inbound links, site traffic CONVERSION Measure: Click through rate, conversion WEBINAR CASE STUDIES RE-ENGAGEMENT Measure: Social influence, referrals, share of voice INDUSTRY ARTICLES Product Knowledge WHITE PAPERS TESTIMONIALS Customer Acquisition DEMOS Brand Advocacy TUTORIALS EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR BLOGS ONLINE FORUMS
  4. 4. | 4 Campaign Content Road Maps Addressing sustainability, aging transformers, and electrical motor needs Audience What Awareness Consideration Conversion Social Re-Engagement Electrical Engineers  Demonstrating sustainability and energy efficiency  Cost and Energy Savings  Visual/infographic demonstrating how DuPont™ products are energy efficient  Webinar teaching new industry EE standards and how DuPont™ materials fit in  Cost savings/ comparison guide  Continuing education – how the industry is evolving the EE & sustainable materials & standards Transformer designers and maintenance workers  Tips and resources for maintaining aging transformers  Timely delivery from manufacturers to keep service process efficient  Video showing how Nomex® insulation performs in different transformer setups and situations  On-the-Go training materials (videos)  Mobile ordering apps  Lifespan estimation calculator  Continuing education – training, webinars, classes on improving productivity and processes Hybrid electric motor designers and mechanics  Looking for materials that help improve performance and reliability  Need info on winding/rewinding questions  Case studies highlighting new partnerships in Motor Alliance  Video on how to test for insulation issues in the motor  Infographic on different insulation needs for different voltages  Product comparison chart and mobile app  Continuing education – how to understand the different needs within the motor industry
  5. 5. | 5 Content & Marketing Opportunities Shorter and more frequent opportunities to reach content are key  Educational webinars they can get credit for (online, self-paced type of training module)  If can tie it into new legislation or new standards that are about to or have just come out, can be extremely valuable since these engineers need to be on top of these things  Whitepapers are huge for this group  Provide valuable, technical information to the industry, on the industry  Can quickly skim info and decide what they want to do with it (call-to-action) and if they want to take action immediately, especially if it ties into a new technology or new product being discussed elsewhere (technical conferences and events)  Sponsorships/partnerships at technical conferences  Engineers will pay attention, especially if new trends/products being discussed are something they’ve seen or heard before  “Very valuable avenue”  Mobile apps for more efficient purchasing and accessing technical content
  6. 6. | 6 Visual Content aroundTransformers Thought leadership through transformer-specific content Dry versus wet type transformers: Great area for DuPont™ to focus on technically – very valuable to engineers without being too “sales-pitchy.” Content Recommendations  Best fit for wet and dry transformers by industrial segment  Where the line lies of when to switch from one transformer type to the other  What are the best applications for the two types of technology? Can create:  Infographics/visual content  Webinars  Whitepapers Infographics displaying comparisons between dry and wet-type transformers are easily understood by engineers and clients, and establish viral content and thought leadership for DuPont™ Nomex®.
  7. 7. | 7 Insulation Sustainability Campaign Sample Dedicated Sustainability Channels LinkedIn Website Videos Industry News Posts re: energy efficiency & sustainability Videos Outside Content Thought Leadership Sponsorship w/ Associations Influential Resources Georg Daemisch Nad Moodley Electricity Forum Sustainable Planet Content around DuPont being EE; EE-related information Content Video Infographic Main Goal: Gain thought leadership by bringing awareness to sustainability issues and the impact of energy efficiency insulation materials for transformers.