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Mobile media consumption in France


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Mobile Media Consumption in France by Inmobi

Mobile media consumption in France

  1. 1. France. Media Consumption AN INMOBI INSIGHTS » 5 ways mobile devices have changed STUDY the way people consume media1. Media Consumption Habits. Online The average mobile web user in France   107 min consumes 7.3 hours of media daily.   Mobile devices represent 24% of this   time. Mobile 106 min HOURS OF MEDIA PER Television 8.4 Apps Actively used in last 30 days. DAY 98 min Radio Newspaper 64 min 29 min Tablet 34 min2. Mobile Media Activities. 20% 20% 20% 12% 11% 10% 7% Social Media Entertainment Games General Info E-Mail Local Search Shopping & Search GROWTH Growth in mobile usage in the next year is likely to come from social media, followed by apps download and entertainment (games and videos/music)3. Receptive and Responsive Towards Mobile Ads. 92% noticed mobile ads on their smartphones. Mobile Ads noticed via following channels 43% 64% In an app 41% On a search engine of mobile users are as comfortable 31% On a video website with mobile advertising as they Only 16% of mobile web users 25% On a retailer website are with TV or frequently click on mobile ads online advertising. 18% Others unintentionally.4. Mobile Media Ads & its Impact Throughout the Purchase Funnel. Which forms of media most impact your Has mobile advertising ever: purchasing decisions? Awareness 66% Introduced you to something new. Mobile 21% Television Favorable opinion 45% Provided you with better options. Helped you find something nearby. Consideration 41% / 42% 57% Caused you to reconsider a product. Online Shopping 29% Influenced your in-store purchase. Sale 42% Influenced you to buy via your mobile. 35% Has mobile ads ever influenced you to: Download an application. Visit the website of an advertiser. Visit advertiser site to get additional info. 77% 53% 40% Buy something via mobile. Locate the advertiser on a map. Call the advertiser. 30% 27% 25%5. M-Commerce & Shopping. 57% 68% are expected to spend money on have spent money on an GROWTH an activity via mobile in the next activity via mobile 12 months Digital goods (e.g. apps, games, e-books, music, videos, ringtones) 39% Physical goods (e.g. electronics, clothes) 25% Financial (e.g. bill payments, peer-to-peer payments) 16% Entertainment (e.g. movie tickets) 15% Travel (e.g. train tickets) 12% TM InMobi & Decision Fuel, Mobile Media Research Partner: Source: Consumption Research, Wave 2: / / @InMobi Aug - Nov 2012. N= 626.