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Case Studies: Harnessing Speed for Competitive Advantage

In this session we will look at existing enterprises who are being successful in adopting modern approaches that give them the speed they need to compete more effectively.

Speaker: Faiz Parkar, Director EMEA GTM, Pivotal

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Case Studies: Harnessing Speed for Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. CASE STUDIES: Harnessing Speed For Competitive Advantage Faiz Parkar Director, EMEA Go To Market Pivotal @_CloudNinja #PivotalForum #Istanbul #DigitalTransformation
  2. 2. “Think of a product on a Monday and deliver on Friday.”
  3. 3. Faster Time to Market People have taken notice of the rapid rate in which we’re able to deliver applications. With Cloud Foundry we’ve transitioned to a situation where those same people who were moving files before may be managing Cloud Foundry Ops manager in a role of being a partner instead of being a barrier. MyHealth By Humana Delivered: 2.5 months Cue by Humana Delivered: 5 weeks “ ”
  4. 4. 6 CASE STUDY: DAIMLER The engine behind the Mercedes-Benz connected car
  5. 5. 7 CASE STUDY: GENERAL ELECTRIC The engine behind GE Predix
  6. 6. “It wasn’t a natural journey […] to go and change everything we know about software. Cloud Foundry was paramount in our ability to lift the focus of what we’re doing to a completely different level.”
  7. 7. 9 Robert Bosch Launches Own Cloud for Internet of Things Allows Bosch to accelerate its efforts to develop smartcars & smarthomes
  8. 8. Flexibility without getting locked in “It’s definitely around speed to market, but it’s also about getting it right faster” “Should the bank elect to use public cloud services… we don’t have to touch the apps to do it” “Bank provisioned 2 transaction processing apps onto Cloud Foundry in half a day” George Sherman CIO Global Technology Infrastructure
  9. 9. SDP Infrastructure Platform Software Scale days days days days days Accelerates software development cycle Pivotal Cloud Foundry Legacy infrastructure
  10. 10. “We felt like there was a 360-degree view that Pivotal brought to bear. This was more than just a technology transformation. It was a business transformation. It was about how we could deliver products faster. Cloud Foundry was a huge part of that.” Originally Allocated 12 Software Engineers Entire QA Team 14 months Actually Required 6 Software Engineers 1 UX & Product Manager 6 months
  11. 11. Platform to Transform your Enterprise BUSINESS • Align IT with business goals • Respond to changes in marketplace quickly • Capture new business opportunities DEVELOPMENT • Self-service with automated provisioning • Rapidly iterate, deploy to production faster • Framework with integrated tools OPERATIONS • Operational agility • Deploy consistent platforms with application visibility • High availability with instant scaling