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Cloud Foundry Summit 2015: Making the Leap

Speaker: Richard Seroter, Cen­tu­ryLink

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Cloud Foundry Summit 2015: Making the Leap

  1. 1. Making the Leap Transitioning Enterprises to a PaaS Mindset Richard Seroter | @rseroter | CenturyLink
  2. 2. 42%Targeting cloud
  3. 3. Different approach
  4. 4. Goal: agility and speed
  6. 6. I.T. concerns server sprawl configuration drift rising costs pace of tech inconsistent architecture stale skillsets slow innovation untested failure cases compliance shifting budgets aversion to change
  7. 7. Strategy decay
  8. 8. Not fast enough
  9. 9. Why use Cloud Foundry? 1) Faster delivery cycles 2) Quick experiments 3) Low barrier to entry 4) App-centric
  11. 11. Challenge There are major cultural obstacles to overcome
  12. 12. Response It *does* require changes, and teamwork
  13. 13. Challenge What am I supposed to do with legacy apps?
  14. 14. Response Extend apps and try to share data
  15. 15. Challenge Where am I supposed to put this thing?
  16. 16. Response May be a progression, but keep data close
  17. 17. Challenge This changes how we do config management!
  18. 18. Response The focus switches from the hardware to the app
  19. 19. Challenge These environments won’t integrate with others
  20. 20. Response Look to marketplace to aid transition
  21. 21. Challenge PaaS gives developers too much freedom!
  22. 22. Response PaaS introduces policies and constraints
  23. 23. Challenge PaaS restricts developer freedom!
  24. 24. Response Developers work in a rich functional sandbox
  25. 25. Challenge You’re making me change how my apps look.
  26. 26. Response 12 factor apps are more flexible, cloud or not
  27. 27. Challenge I don’t know what apps to put in a PaaS!
  28. 28. Response Greenfield apps, API gateway, mobile, blogs
  29. 29. WRAP @rseroter | @centurycld