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Enterprise Application Migration

SpringOne Platform 2019
Session Title: Enterprise Application Migration
Speakers: Ashley Eckard, Senior Systems Engineer, The Home Depot; Michael Wright, Sr Manager, Platform Architects, Pivotal

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Enterprise Application Migration

  1. 1. Enterprise Application Migration and how NOT to royally make a mess...
  2. 2. High Level Overview ● Level Set: What does “Legacy Application” mean today? ● Background, what is the Grid Platform? ● Technical Challenges and how we overcame them. ● Next time around and what we’d do differently. ● Parting tech tips you can use with your Legacy apps
  3. 3. Mike Wright Pivotal Platform Architect, Manager - Southeast Started coding Java in 1996 at Lucent Technologies back when PowerBuilder was more popular!
  4. 4. Ashley Eckard THD Senior System Engineer Originally started as a software engineer at a startup company. Chocolate...
  5. 5. What does “Legacy” applications Mean?
  6. 6. What is The Grid Platform?
  7. 7. Why Migrate Now?
  8. 8. Cloud Foundry can be more than Luke Didja know? - Run docker images - Push SQLPlus client + SQL and run as task - Container to container networking - Volume mounts - Windows - JEE apps - Side cars - Istio/Envoy - Push MySQL Router as an app to proxy InnoDB clusters
  9. 9. The 4 “Re’s” of Application Transformation Re-Host Containerize aka “lift and shift” Re-Platform Minimal efforts to run natively on PAS Re-Factor Convert to Cloud Native aka “Modernize” Re-Build Decompose and rewrite from the ground up Application Portfolio Funneling Process Business and Technical filters, prioritization, scheduling, etc. AppPlatform
  10. 10. How did you approach the Problem?
  11. 11. Did you make a Code Change?
  12. 12. How to change a tire while the vehicle is in motion
  13. 13. Dockerizing Grid Config Port to expose App Name RPMs - how Grid apps are packaged today. anyone do this? Includes a packaged mini version of our grid environment! Traefik - for specialized app ingress handling. wait, I thought this is a k8s thing? FluentBit - lots of separate log files written from Grid Apps. Popular amongst K8s too! Grid app! Docker image to be deployed onto AppPlatform! Wizardly shell script
  14. 14. Grid App Running Flow: 1. Pull in rpm’s and base image of mini grid 2. Generate Dockerfile 3. Cf push! Less Common Platform features exploited 1. Enabling docker support 2. Search domains 3. Registry whitelisting 4. Container to Container Java/Tomcat App FluentBit Log files Traefik Platform App Ingress Kafka Running Grid App instance on AppPlatform MySQL Stdout Log Platform log aggregation
  15. 15. Take Aways ● Knowing when the your thing is going to die. ● Take advantage of automation in the platform with legacy applications. ● Experiment and play with your legacy applications, you’ll be surprised how versatile your platform can be.
  16. 16. Probing Questions