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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Accenture

Vmware Tanzu & Accenture
Executive Insights for the Ontario Public Sector Webinar
Anthonie Du Toit
September 24, 2020

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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Accenture

  1. 1. Better Together September 2020 ACCENTURE & TANZU
  2. 2. Copyright 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved. 2 Anthonie is a Senior Technology Architect for Accenture's Intelligence Software Engineering Services (IES) platform in Canada. IES includes Data, AI, Testing & Quality Engineering, Technology Architecture, Products & Platforms and Emerging Technologies. Anthonie is the VMware Tanzu (Pivotal) Technology Partner Practices lead in Canada and plays a leadership role in the DevOps practice. ANTHONIE DU TOIT SENIORTECHNOLOGY ARCHITECT
  3. 3. 3 THERE IS A NEED TO TRANSFORM IT & MODERNIZE APPLICATIONS TO DELIVER BUSINESS VALUE Copyright © 2020 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture Confidential. of Leaders adopt critical technologies such as microservice architectures, containers and Kubernetes that allow for the decoupling of data, infrastructure and apps of Enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy (Enterprises leverage 5 clouds on average) of Application Development supporting Digital Business will be built not bought in 2020 75% 84% 97%
  4. 4. APBG - CLOUD-NATIVE TRANSFORMATION AT SCALE EXPERTISE & CREDIBILITY Leader in cloud. Native app dev through Tanzu Application Service & VMware Pivotal Labs. Large enterprises. SCALE & REACH Leader in technology services & cloud- native development. G2000 clients. Global. 2019 Global Systems Integrator of the Year
  5. 5. CLIENT ENABLEMENT WHAT WE OFFER B E S T W H E N … organization seeks enablement to build net new / greenfield applications through co-creation B E S T W H E N … organization lacks efficiency and capacity to deliver on their own; they’re not ready for co- creation. B E S T W H E N … organization seeks large scale migration and modernization of existing applications Accenture & Clients pair 1:1 across disciplines (SE, PM, D) Accenture provides a balanced team of Software Engineers, Product Managers, and Designers ACCELERATED DELIVERY APPTXLABS
  6. 6. LARGE RETAIL PHARMACY CHAIN: APPLICATION MODERNIZATION & AGILE TRANSFORMATION • Partnering with VMWare, Accenture modernized the application to an event driven architecture by using cloud native microservices built on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. • This solution developed 20+ common patterns which could be leveraged by other applications. • The largest retail pharmacy network in Canada was facing the challenge of maintaining its legacy / monolithic Pharmacy Management System. • IT was not able to meet the business demands in the ever- changing world of retail pharmacies and provincial compliance requirements. THE SITUATION OUR SOLUTION * Virtual Pair Programming Online Collaboration Tools Virtual Coffee Breaks & Online Game * ALL DURING COVID-19 R E S U L T S : Business has become more client-focus, digitally enabled, and responsive to market • Improved cycle time: workable features are delivered in 1-3 weeks • User-centric application design: helps pharmacists better utilize their time and focus on delivering value-add services to customers.​ • Improved quality: Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, and a rapid feedback loop have significantly improved code quality and maintainability.​
  7. 7. CLIENTS ARE EMBARKING ON A CLOUD NATIVE JOURNEY building new greenfield applications, re-platforming, or re-architecting and re-writing hundreds to thousands of applications--breaking monolithic Java applications into microservices Labs capability at Accenture’s Cloud Innovation Centers in Columbus, Dallas, Atlanta and more geographies coming soon By design, APBG offers services the way VMware Tanzu would, using concepts such as Lean Startup, Extreme Programming, User-Centered Design 200+ Cloud Foundry Trained Developers 1000+ Cloud Native practitioners globally IN SUMMARY… A global strategic partnership created to accelerate Cloud Native development and delivery and to help customers build, run and operate applications on the Pivotal platform (now Tanzu). LABS | APPTX | ACCELERATED DELIVERY