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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Tanzu Slides

Vmware Tanzu & Accenture
Executive Insights for the Ontario Public Sector Webinar
Matt Russell & Arni Raghvender
September 24, 2020

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OPS Executive insights Webinar - Tanzu Slides

  1. 1. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. Accelerate Simpler, Faster, Better Digital Service Transformation September 25, 2020 Executive Insights on Strategic Platform and Delivery Opportunities for the Ontario Government
  2. 2. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. Agenda 2 Introductions Kick-off Key Characteristics of a Cloud Native Platform Building a Modernization Roadmap Accenture and VMware Tanzu: Better Together Next Steps ⏲
  3. 3. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 3 Why are Governments Modernizing? Improve the interactions with citizens & make employees productive Lower the cost to run and manage apps and infra Take advantage of innovations offered by the cloud model Confidential │ ©2020 VMware, Inc.
  4. 4. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 4 A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VMware. How Transformative CIOs Use Customer Experience to Differentiate & Deliver Results. February 2020. 78% Improving application portfolio is a TOP priority 48% Have NOT made improvements in the last year
  5. 5. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 5 A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of VMware. How Transformative CIOs Use Customer Experience to Differentiate & Deliver Results. February 2020. Improving application portfolio is a TOP priority 78% 48% Have NOT made improvements in the last year Why? Obstacle Aligning the needs of applications to the right underlying infrastructure & operating model #1 Confidential │ ©2020 VMware, Inc.
  6. 6. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 6 Tanzu Mission: Catalyze enterprise transformation through software Very complex value streams
  7. 7. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 7 Tanzu Outcome Model Scalability Security Stability Speed Savings++
  8. 8. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 8 Outcomes at CIS
  9. 9. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 9 Solve for developer experience AND operator experience across clouds Address BOTH Applications and Infrastructure Applications Infrastructure DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE OPERATOR EXPERIENCE Multi-cloud
  10. 10. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 10 Deliver better software to production, faster Structured Around Critical Capabilities Applications Infrastructure DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE OPERATOR EXPERIENCE Code and containerize custom applications Speed development with open source containers Automate deployment of apps into production Deploy and manage K8s across clouds, clusters and teams Apply enterprise observability to drive decisions Ensure secure and reliable communication between services Multi-cloud
  11. 11. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 11 Deliver better software to production, faster The Tanzu Portfolio Applications Infrastructure DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE OPERATOR EXPERIENCE Tanzu Launchpad Tanzu Catalog Tanzu Application Service Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Tanzu Mission Control Tanzu Observability Tanzu Service Mesh Multi-cloud
  12. 12. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 13 Declarative, reproducible infrastructure Process Impact Lead Time WITH OUR RECOMMENDATIONS Specify Dev/Test Deploy Maintain Initial idea Intro production $3.3M productivity gains = 20% improvement $6.7M productivity gains = 40% improvement Value Add Process Time Non-Value Add Process Time 70 People $240k FTE cost (fully loaded) 30% Productivity $11.7M productivity gap Lead Time CURRENT PROCESS Specify Dev/Test Deploy Maintain Initial idea Intro production Transitional State *Example metrics from a US based VMware Pivotal Labs customer
  13. 13. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 14 Grab ready-made images and automate containerization Embed security considerations in the development cycle Understand how applications behave in production Gain self-service access to Kubernetes resources Developers Take control of policy and security across clusters and clouds Provide curated, validated images with automated patching Support all apps with service mesh that spans VMs and containers Ensure health and integrity of modern application platform I&O Build with containers Embed security Drive decisions with data Embrace DevOps mindset People Impact Bring together Dev and Ops in a shared effort to modernize applications Confidential │ ©2020 VMware, Inc.
  14. 14. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 15 “Operational software capabilities have already saved over $13 million and 1,100 man-hours per month” --Lt. Col. Jeremiah Sanders, materiel leader for the Air Operations Center Program Col Jennifer M. Krolikowski
  15. 15. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 16 Building an Application Modernization Roadmap
  16. 16. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. Some “Greenfield” A lot of “Brownfield” The “Cloud” Often the IT World is Framed Like This
  17. 17. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. But Really, This is Greenfield ...
  18. 18. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. … and This is Brownfield !
  19. 19. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 20 Your “Late Summer Garden” is a Mix of Things DATA MICROSERVICES Batch ESBJEE COTS MAINFRAME .NET DEV - TEST BPM WEB MVC WEBSPHERE
  20. 20. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 21 And the Journey To Cloud is Hard “We need to get 200 apps running in production on cloud within the next few months.” “We’ve been modernizing [...] for the past year. Great, what do you have running? Nothing.” “My boss wants a plan to get 4,500 apps into cloud within the next 2 years.” “I’d like to get a work stream per BU spun up so all 25 are working in parallel – later this year.” “We’d like to use the Strangler Pattern and move order processing from Mainframe to cloud”
  21. 21. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. What We Believe • Plan Just Enough to Start • Define Hard Goals and Measure Outcomes • Start With “One Thing” • Automate Everything You Can • Build Skills by Pairing and Doing • Use Real Work to Inform Strategy
  22. 22. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 23 How to Make Decisions Across the Portfolio Why Move? ● Licensing costs ● Time-to-market factors ● Revenue opportunities ● Business criticality ● Risk tolerance ● Change frequency What Can we Move? ● Framework / runtime ● Architecture design ● Statefulness ● Use of proprietary tooling ● Dependencies / integration ● Usage / workload Org Factors (the “When” and “How”) ● Domain expert availability ● Lifecycle stage ● Portfolio dependencies ● Etc. Retire Remain Re-Host Re-Platform Refactor Reimagine Decisioning Model A framework for disposition planning, prioritization and governance
  23. 23. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 24 Break down end to end process into: ● Specific steps ● Who is involved ● Time required ● Dependencies ● Average cost Estimate current state time and cost Flag automation opportunities Then, target a first project that: ● Targets one “meaningful” app ● Automates process “low hanging fruit” ● Measure and update process definition Understand What it Takes to Get Software in Production Sample Customer 65 Steps consisting of 45 days of wait and 180 days of process time for a total cost, per new application, of $150,000. This is Where You Achieve Massive ROI
  24. 24. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 25 Use Our Proven Tooling and Methodology Discover I need to understand my portfolio and plan migration Cloud Native Readiness For Proven Practices Automate V2C Using Project Iris Code not available? Disposition in a SNAP! Deliver I need to lower the effort and risk of migration to cloud Scale I need to scale the efforts and deliver iterative returns Know More Using Suitability Analyzer Plan Your Business Journey. Cloud Lens Automated Intelligence Report Generator Accelerate Refactoring Using Workbench Go Faster With Accenture Swiftly Refactor Complex Existing Systems
  25. 25. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 26 Sample Decisioning Process Model Cloud Native Triage Re- Host Triage App Queue Wave Candidate Filter Apply Business Filters Apply Technical Filters No ContainerizationCandidate Yes Business Score Technical Score Matrix Prioritization Apply Human and Organizational Factors Application Wave Selected Deprioritized apps re-queued
  26. 26. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 27 How To Start and Scale Fast START (WAVE 1) SCALE (WAVES 2 to N) PROGRAM DECISION Go! PROGRAM DECISION < / > Working Code Buckets Recipes Patterns Define Funnel Baseline Path-to-Prod Fire Tracer Bullet Refine Funnel Using 20-30 Apps Build Program Artifacts Expand to a Couple Teams Multiple Funnels BU “A” BU “B” BU “C” BU “D”Initial Buckets Recipes Patterns ContributeLeverage Rotationa l Teams Pathfinder Teams
  27. 27. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 28 Accenture and VMware Tanzu: Better Together
  28. 28. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 29 < Accenture Slides >
  29. 29. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 30 How We Deliver
  30. 30. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 31 < How We Deliver Slides >
  31. 31. Confidential │ © 2020 VMware, Inc. 32 Q&A ?