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How "Big" is Big Data?

Real-time decision making is critical to business success. Yet data in your enterprise continues to grow exponentially year over year, making analysis more difficult. To turn structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence, your business needs an effective, smart way to harness Big Data.

Big Data solutions help you discover insight from all your data so you can build applications that serve your customers in the context of who they are, where they are, and what they are doing in the moment. Store, manage, and deliver value from fast, massive data sets using the most disruptive set of enterprise data products: MPP and column store databases, in-memory data processing, and Hadoop. Quickly enable data access and control so you can build, deploy, and scale modern enterprise applications at an unprecedented pace.

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How "Big" is Big Data?

  1. 1. RFIDRFID VIDEO SURVEILLANCE GPS CELL PHONE EBOOK IPOD CREDIT CARD READER VIDEO GAME ATM 001001100 10101000 00101100 010111010 001001100 10101000 00101100 010111010 00000 BUSINESS PIVOTAL PIVOTAL PIVOTAL DATA LAKE 2.7 20% 42% 61% 80% zettabytes datain digital universe 60%GLOBAL DATA GROWTH PER YEAR 2 1 Pivotal HD helps enterprises capture, manage and analyze all their data. Fast. Pivotal HD helps enterprises capture, manage and analyze all their data. Fast. Business Benefits of Pivotal HDBusiness Benefits of Pivotal HD Unifies Unstructured Data Improves Scalability, Increases Speed, and Reduces Cost Accommodates Massive Data Growth Unlocks New Business Value Faster Than Ever Before To discover how Pivotal HD can help businesses unlock the value from their data fast, visit: 1. Report – The 2011 Digital Universe Study “Extracting Value from Chaos”, IDC – June 2011 2. Report – Worldwide Big Data Technology & Services 2012-2016 forecast, IDC – Dec 2012 3. Report – Worldwide Big Data Technology & Services 2012-2016 forecast, IDC – Dec 2012 4. Blog – Big Content: The Unstructured Side of Big Data, Gartner – 5th January 2013 5. Infographic – The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making, Capgemini – July 2012 6. Research – Global Survey: The Business Impact of Big Data, Avande – November 2012 SOURCES Pivotal, committed to open source and open standards, recently introduced Pivotal One, the world's first comprehensive multi-cloud Enterprise PaaS. The company is also a leading provider of application and data infrastructure software, agile development services, and data science consulting. Follow Pivotal on Twitter @pivotal LinkedIn, and G+. Learn more at Pivotal HD: Where Hadoop Meets SQL. SQL is an extremely powerful and widely adopted way to manipulate and understand data. Until now, Hadoop’s SQL capability has been limited and impractical for many. Pivotal HD is the new benchmark for SQL on Hadoop—the most functionally-rich, mature, and robust offering available. IT SPENDING on data storage 3 required to upgrade legacy systems enterprise information is unstructured businesses say unstructured data too difficult to interpret executives want faster access to data reports can take days or weeks 4 5 6 upto HOW "BIG" IS BIG DATA?HOW "BIG" IS BIG DATA? WHAT'S THE COST?WHAT'S THE COST? CAN WE GET VALUE?CAN WE GET VALUE? WE WANT IT FAST.WE WANT IT FAST. Big Data An Enterprise Primer