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Accelerating Time to Market

Barriers to entry are collapsing as digital startups come out of nowhere to disrupt entire industries. In this session we will discuss the capabilities you need to deliver business innovation through software to market faster than your competitors.

Speaker: Faiz Parkar, Director EMEA GTM, Pivotal

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Accelerating Time to Market

  1. 1. #PivotalForum #DigitalTransformation #Istanbul Digital Transformation Forum Disrupt or Be Disrupted 3 NOVEMBER Ÿ THE RITZ-CARLTON Ÿ ISTANBUL
  2. 2. Accelerate Time To Market with Business Innovation in the Digital Era Faiz Parkar Director, Go To Market Pivotal EMEA @_CloudNinja #PivotalForum #Istanbul #DigitalTransformation
  4. 4. In a world of digital interactions, organizations will deliver business innovation through software: Every business will be a software business
  5. 5. “In the past 90% of car value was in hardware, we expect 50% of value will be in hardware and the other 50% divided by software and experiences” Don Butler, Executive Director, Connected Vehicles, Ford
  7. 7. Modern Software Methodology Modern Cloud Native Platform MODERN SOFTWARE COMPANY Building high-quality software—at start-up speed— requires a modern cloud native platform and a modern development process to continuously drive innovation
  8. 8. Modern Software Methodologies A modern platform requires a modern approach to software development 02 Building a strategy for product development Building a quality product at startup speed An organization optimized to respond to disruption 1MODERN SOFTWARE METHODOLOGY Agile Software Methodologies 2MODERN SOFTWARE METHODOLOGY Lean Startup Techniques 3MODERN SOFTWARE METHODOLOGY Optimized for Change
  9. 9. Modern Software Methodologies Ensuring teams are supported by modern methodologies and technical knowledge to continuously innovate 02 Guidance & Coaching 1.  Software Engineering 2.  Product Management & Design 3.  Data Science
  10. 10. A Day In Your Life @ Pivotal Labs Video
  11. 11. The Innovation Gap in Traditional IT Developer Operator
  12. 12. “The traditional model is that you take your software to the wall that separates development and operations, and throw it over and then forget about it.” “Not in Amazon. You build it. You run it.” -Werner Vogels, CTO Amazon
  13. 13. Software is CHANGING 13 Spring Boot Continuous Delivery
  14. 14. The Cloud Platform Evolution TRADITIONAL IAAS Virtualization Platform Operating System Database Web Server Messaging Your Application Code Physical Servers Database Web Server Messaging Your Application Code IAAS Your Application Code PAAS IAAS PAAS
  15. 15. Cloud Foundry: The Industry’s Open Cloud Standard Gold Silver Platinum T E A M
  16. 16. MODERN CLOUD PLATFORM Great software requires a modern cloud platform that allows enterprises to focus 100% on building high-quality software that operate at start-up speeds 0% Focus Platform + Infrastructure 100% Focus Software Development
  17. 17. MODERN CLOUD NATIVE PLATFORM Pivotal Cloud Foundry empowers companies with a cloud platform engineered for start-up speed—designed for continuous innovation, across multiple clouds, at scale.
  18. 18. 18 Cloud Native DevOps Continuous Delivery ContainersMicro services
  19. 19. Continuous Delivery Release once every 6 months More Bugs in production Release early and often Higher Quality of Code DevOps Not my problem Separate tools, varied incentives, opaque process Shared responsibility Common incentives, tools, process and culture Microservices Tightly coupled components Slow deployment cycles waiting on integrated tests teams Loosely coupled components Automated deploy without waiting on individual components
  20. 20. Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Open Cloud Computing
  21. 21. Removing Developer and Operator Constrains BUILD APPLICATION PUSH FIRST RELEASE MAINTAIN APPLICATION UPDATE APPLICATIONS RETIRE APPLICATIONS •  Auto-detect frameworks •  Link to PaaS •  Self-service deploy •  Dynamic routing •  Elastic scale •  Integrated HA •  Autoscaling and APM •  Log aggregation •  Policy and Auth •  A/B versioning •  Live upgrades •  Self-service removal
  22. 22. Changing Model for Application Delivery 22 Development Deployment Sparingly at designated times Ready for prod at any time Architecture Abstraction “Day 2” Ops App Server on Machine App on “disposable” infrastructure Monolithic App Microservices / Composite app Linear / Sequential Short cycles, test driven, iterative Many tools, ad hoc automation Manage services, not servers Tightly Coupled Everything as an API Interfaces
  23. 23. “High performing organizations do not trade off agility for safety. In fact, high performance is characterized by consistent improvements in levels of both agility and safety.”
  24. 24. “You should optimise around time to value. If you build something but your customers aren’t using it, you haven’t yet delivered any value.” Adrian Cockroft Technology Fellow BATTERY VENTURES
  25. 25. IoT Digital Strategy NoSQL LOB CIO Dev IT/Ops MOBILE BI-MODAL IT Agile Enterprise MULTI- CLOUD DEVOPSPrivate Cloud MICRO- SERVICES CONTINUOUS DELIVERY NoSQL CONTAINERS Is Pivotal Cloud Foundry for you?
  26. 26. #PivotalForum #DigitalTransformation #Istanbul Digital Transformation Forum Disrupt or Be Disrupted 3 NOVEMBER Ÿ THE RITZ-CARLTON Ÿ ISTANBUL