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November 2015 Real Estate Statistics: End-of-Year Housing Market Trends [Infographic]


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View numerous real estate statistics and housing market trends from November 2015 in this Placester Academy infographic — including data from the National Association of Realtors, CoreLogic, RealtyTrac, Freddie Mac, and other real estate industry organizations — and use the info to stay on your toes and keep up with the latest market changes.

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November 2015 Real Estate Statistics: End-of-Year Housing Market Trends [Infographic]

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 2015 HOME PRICE INDEX September 2OI5 (CoreLogic) Percentage Change 9/14 9/15 8/15 9/15 Home Price Difference from April 2006 Peak HOME BUYERS AND SELLERS 2OI5 (Ilr'_iilOl“»; iI . issa~; : atlon of R'e'c. Ito/ s B Share of 33% First-Time Buyers in 2014 Married Repeat Buyers: ‘ Shafe Of Highest Income Among 32% Fl"St'Tlm9 All U. S. Home Buyers at BU)/ e|'S In 2015 $108,600 HOUSING INSIGHT & OUTLOOK Roi. -’er*ibei' 2015 . (:reddie Mac) Projected House Projected House Price Appreciation Price Appreciation for 2015 for 2016 HOME LOAN APPLICATIONS OCITOIJOI’ 2015 (Vlaitgagc Ba'1l<cr's Associat on)- From The Month Before New-Home Loan Average New-Home Applications Loan Size NATIONAL EXISTING-HOME SALES E§eptel: i“I: »ei' 205 (Nat anal / :: s0ciaTiC; '1 0‘ Rea toisji t 4.7% 1 8.8% Annual Monthly Annual Home Sales Home Sales Home Sales Rate Rate Change Rate Change HOUSING AFFORDABILITY ‘lo-. v'ei'nl3el' 205 l1Zillo'-. .i‘». -' ii $182,500 28 of 35 Metros Home Value Index Experienced Worse for Q3 2015 Rental Affordability in 2015 Than in 2014 PENDING HOME SALES INDEX September 2015 (National Association of Realtors) 106.8 NEW U. . RESIDENTIAL SALES Seii: tei"nI: -ei' ? (f)I£: ,~ IIEEBITZE-ll"l, l‘1“E9l‘l, :3‘ l—IC-US rig and I. ,,| i'I. :-am l)e‘-. ~'e c-pmenT‘, :» $296,900 $364,100 468,000 Median Average Annual Home Sales Home Sales Home Sales Price Price Rate NATIONAL FORECLOSURE ACTIVITY Sc-:7ifci'-“i I301’ 2015 :1 C‘ol'-: :_ii, n_ji icji Foreclosure Completed InVe|1t0|'Y Foreclosures 0 J 24.3 / o Year-Over-Year Change OctoIi: ei' ? (:: 'Ib I; Realti-, «" I l"EiC 1: 115,134 Total Foreclosures Filings One in Every 1,147 U. S. Homes 0 Received Filing fly PLACESTER’