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Real Estate Inbound Marketing Checklist


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Getting found on the web is about creating value for people already searching on the web. The inbound marketing checklist will give you a high level view of things to focus on when creating or enhancing your online real estate presence. For a more detailed guide to real estate inbound marketing, take a look at our guide:

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Real Estate Inbound Marketing Checklist

  2. 2. Inbound Marketing: ChecklistCurated content wins Engage your audience on social Get the best properties possible Add past and present clients to your networks Update listings constantly on the web Create a Facebook page for your business Make properties easy to search Use Twitter to demonstrate your knowledge of industry Provide highest-quality photos trends and news Enable easy capture of information for users Tweet often; use retweets and mentions to get more Choose a clean, professional-looking design for your attention website Create a Youtube channel for your business Provide web copy that explains the expertise and value Create walkthrough videos for all your properties, post them you have to offer to Youtube Determine your voice and industry niche; write content Improve your Google PageRank by creating a profile on that reflects these LinkedIn Include floor plans and virtual tours Use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals who can Show as many photos as possible help you (mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, People love slide shows etc.) Videos drive engagement Use geosocial networks like Foursquare and Yelp to Provide valuable community information demonstrate your knowledge of and commitment to your community For more detail:
  3. 3. Inbound Marketing: ChecklistBlogging builds relationships SEO is a must Decide what you’re interested in writing about: Determine which keywords your target leads are A day in the life of an agent searching on Google, Bing, etc. Expert advice for buyers Three words maximum in a keyword phrase; keep Expert advice for sellers keywords simple, but specific enough that you’ll be Trends and events in the market at large found Community information Make sure target keywords appear in every element How-to information of each of your webpages: page titles, body text, Video: if you do it, do it consistently image titles, links, URLs, etc. Photo: Take good ones or hire a professional Make sure webpage URLs are simple and easy to Write blog posts consistently and frequently remember Promote blog posts via social media Choose webpage URLs with words, not random Finish posts with a call to action or question letters and numbers Allow readers to comment on posts; respond to Write meta descriptions for search engines that comments incorporate your keywords and entice searchers Submit articles on other related blogs and news sites Above all provide value to your audience Ask yourself, would you read your content For more detail: