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Workshop. Using wherever SIM, Arduino and API as IoT Alert System for Real Time e-Health Monitoring


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The Concept: To design a wearable heart rate monitor using photoplethysmography that will alert specific individuals if the wearer's heart rate goes below or above a pre-defined threshold. It should also allow for remote monitoring of the wearers pulse at any given time.
The schema: the electronic system is a schema of wearable device which controls pulse quite precisely in a few minutes. The device utilizes the signals from human body to detect the occurrence of heart beat. As soon as the device detects the critical value, it transmits a coded signal. The signal is decoded by a GSM receiver to produce control signals for switching an alarm device as mobile messaging device and trigger a emergency with wherever SIM.

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Workshop. Using wherever SIM, Arduino and API as IoT Alert System for Real Time e-Health Monitoring

  1. 1. “Using wherever SIM, Arduino and API as IoT Alert System for Real Time e-Health Monitoring” Karina Popova @kary_key Dev/Ops, M.Sc at whatever mobile GmbH
  2. 2. German precision in global messaging
  3. 3. 50 Employees 14 Years of experience 79 mill. Transactions per month 23.1 mill. € Revenue in 2015 99.999 % Platform availability 400+ Mobile networks Company Facts
  4. 4. Cellular Connectivity For The IoT
  5. 5. Use Cases Payment Terminals Fleet Management Smart Metering Asset Tracking Smart Home Security & Surveillance E-Health-Management
  6. 6. E-Health Monitoring
  7. 7. Arduino GSM Shield
  8. 8. Pulse Sensor
  9. 9. wherever SIM
  10. 10. Do you want your device to be mobile? Do you have an automated business processes? How much security does your project need? How often do you need access to your device? Where do you use your device? Five Helpful Questions Find more information on:
  11. 11. Easy Implementation
  12. 12. Transparent Network Architecture Your Network Device Network
  13. 13. Demonstration of the Access Control
  14. 14. Endpoints
  15. 15. Service profiles
  16. 16. IoT device
  17. 17. Patching Endpoint Configuration
  18. 18. E-Health Monitoring
  19. 19. Schema
  20. 20. Sketch for Arduino
  21. 21. Sketch for Arduino + GSM
  22. 22. Results
  23. 23. Github whatevermobile/ whereverSIM
  24. 24. Karina Popova Telephone: +49 (40) 88 88 08-71 Email: /whatevermobile /popovakarina /whatevermobile /kary_key Get in Touch With us!