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Global Voices Quiz show

Take the the quiz and become a GVer!

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Global Voices Quiz show

  2. 2. Q1: Which year was GV founded? A: 2003 B: 2004 C: 2005 D: 2006
  3. 3. Q2: Who are the founders of GV? A: Rebecca B: Rachel C: Ethan D: Eric
  4. 4. Q3: Who does not support GV? A: Reuters B: Santori C: Sanrio D: Knight foundation
  5. 5. Q4: Who is the first Taiwan GV author? A: Schee B: Portnoy C: Chiao D: Inertia
  6. 6. Q5: How many people write for Taiwan in GV now? A: 2 B: 3 C: 4 D: 5
  7. 7. Q6: Which year was Lingua started? A: 2005 B: 2006 C: 2007 D: 2008
  8. 8. Q7: When is Solana's birthday? A: 4/31 B: 2/30 C: 4/20 D: 4/1
  9. 9. Q8: Why haven't you say “Happy B-day!” to Solana? A: I am wrong B: I am wrong, punish me! C: I don't celebrate D: I am doing it now!
  10. 10. Q9: Who is the director of RisingVoices? A: Rezwan B: Jillian C: Sinisa D: Oso
  11. 11. Q10: How many posts has Leo translated for GV? A: 854 B: 954 C: 1024 D: 974
  12. 12. Q11: Who is not an author of GV? A: Elia B: Eduardo C: Eman D: Emule
  13. 13. Q12: Who is covering Colombia for GV? A: Julián Ortega Martínez B: Juan Arellano C: Juliana Rotich D: Juliana Rincón Parra
  14. 14. Q13: Who is not doing fundraising for GV? A: Georgia Popplewell B: Ivan Sigal C: Jeremy Clarke D: Solana Larsen
  15. 15. Q14: How many Lingua sites are there? A: 12 B: 18 C: 21 D: 23
  16. 16. Q15: Who is not a sponsor of GV? A: The Media Development Loan Fund B: The New World Foundation C: The Arca Foundation D: The Google Foundation
  17. 17. Q16: What is not on GV's special coverage? A: U.S. Presidential Election 2008 B: Ghosts, ghouls, myths and legends C: Sichuan Earthquake 2008 D: Oscar Award 2009
  18. 18. Q17: Who is the most productive author ever in GV? A: Ndesanjo Macha B: Veronica Khokhlova C: Janine Mendes-Franco D: Amira Al Hussaini
  19. 19. Q18: Which is not a project of GV Advocacy? A: Blog for a cause B: Access denied map C: Twitter for Activism D: Anonimous blogging with Wordpress and Tor
  20. 20. Q19: Who does not link to GV? A: Ohmynews B: GroundReport C: Huffington Post D: New York Times
  21. 21. Q20: Which Country is never reported on GV? A: Vatican City B: North Korea C: Luxembourg D: Laos