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In the UK JCDecaux provides The Real World October 2015


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In the UK JCDecaux provides opportunities on multiple formats
across roadside, rail, retail, airports and the experiential
Nationwide across environments in all the key cities across
the UK.
Roadside: Continued investment in digital across the
country. Key new digital locations include The Salford Arch
and first ever 84” D6’s in Edinburgh.
Rail: Digital expansion continues across D6 and
Transvision networks
Retail: M-Vision expansion to further premium malls, and
portfolio moves towards 100% digital with D6 development.
Continued digital investment at Tesco
Airport: Ongoing development in digital inventory at major
UK airports. New iVision screens and increasing focus on
dynamic content and live updates
Experiential: JCDecaux Live is expanding the multi-
environment portfolio further
Connected Commuter and Connected Consumer, Power of
Big ‘3’ from JCDecaux Insight.
‘Business Traveller 2’ Insight, Audience Typology, Luxury &
Motors category presentations and Perceived Value
Research from JCDecaux Airport.
JCDecaux is a privately owned French OOH advertising
company, founded in 1964 in Lyon when Jean-Claude
Decaux installed the first advertising bus shelter. This local
outdoor company is now a global media owner.
Reporting €2,813 million in revenue in 2014, JCDecaux is
present in more than 70 countries worldwide and is market-
leader in the UK.
JCDecaux has recently been awarded the £500m TfL Street
Furniture contract across a period of eight years.
About JCDecaux Key Areas For Investment
Key Formats
Geography Proprietary Research
Media where it matters

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