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6 Register your team

In support of your Business Model you need a WINNER attitude all around you. Once you’ve selected individuals with high commitment, ethics, trust & transparency, learn the steps needed to register the team online.

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6 Register your team

  1. 1. Session 6: Registering your TeamThis SME webinar will start at5:00 pm Dubai 4:00 pm Riyadh 3:00 pm CairoFor tweeting: #ICME2013Session by: Hasan MakansiGuest Speaker: Zakaria Ben Hamouche
  2. 2. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Session Agenda1. Quick Recap2. Registering your Team3. Guest Speaker4. Final Thoughts
  3. 3. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Your PresenterHasan
  4. 4. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013MentoringFocus2-Entrepreneurship& Innovation3- BusinessModel (External)•Entrepreneurship•Innovation•The OpportunityDevelopmentStreamsHow will we execute5- Starting UP•Target Segment•Value Proposition•Channels & ClientRelationship•Revenue•Activities•The Team & Resources•Partnerships•Costs•Startup Costs•Your Prototype•Elevator Pitch•Sales & NetworkingPolishing the newexpansionarybusiness ideaIdentifyingUnique ValuePropositionMilestoneAttracting sales &investmentsUnderlyingComponentsSocial Network and LearningManagement System to manageeach individual’s developmentBlended Learning Programsusing Video Conferencing tominimize costsPractical and relevantexperience from regionalexpertsCreate an ecosystem thatlinks incubators, universitiesetc..6 WebSessionsSupport toParticipantsIntel Challenge Webinar ProgramBuilding the prototype4- BusinessModel (Internal)1-Introduction6- TeamRegistration
  5. 5. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Session Agenda1. Quick Recap2. Registering your Team3. Guest Speaker4. Final Thoughts
  6. 6. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013The Business Model Canvas
  7. 7. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Know your Target Market• Define the market - size, demographics, structure, growthprospects, trends, and sales potential.• How often will your product or service be purchased by your targetmarket?• What is the potential annual purchase? What percentage of thisannual sum you either have or can attain?Note: No one gets 100 percent market share, and that 25% is mostoften considered a dominant share.
  8. 8. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Positioning Statement• What differentiates your product or service from that of yourcompetitors?• Positioning helps establish your product or services identity withinthe eyes of the purchaser.• A positioning statement for a business plan doesnt have to be longor elaborate.• A positioning statement needs to point out:• Who your target market is.• How youll reach them.• What theyre really buying from you.• Who your competitors are.• What your USP (unique selling proposition) is.
  9. 9. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Most Common Pricing Types• Cost-plus pricing - mainly used by manufacturers to assure that allcosts, both fixed and variable, are covered and the desired profitpercentage is attained.• Demand pricing - used by companies that sell their productsthrough a variety of sources at differing prices based on demand.• Competitive pricing - used by companies that are entering amarket where theres already an established price and its difficultto differentiate one product from another.• Markup pricing - used mainly by retailers and is calculated byadding your desired profit to the cost of the product.
  10. 10. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Gross Profit & Gross Margin• Define which of your products or services generates the biggest profitmargins to determine :• Where to focus resources for future growth.• Where to cut costs or raise prices.• Gross Profit = Sales - COGS• Gross Margin = Gross Profit*100/Sales• Gross Margin helps you measure the profitability of a product or service• Gross Margin = (Sales Price – Direct Material and Labor Costs) / SalesPrice.Example: If $25 pieces cost $20 to produce, your profit margin is 20%.Note: Add overhead expenses like rent or equipment costs, or even sellingexpenses
  11. 11. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Breakeven PointHow many units--products or hours of service--do you have to sell tocover your costs?• Determine the per-unit selling price and direct costs (production,material, labor) of your product or service.• Calculate your contribution margin in dollars per unit (amount ofmoney you get over and above your direct costs for each unit yousell).• Calculate your overhead costs (insurance, rent, taxes, …).• Determine your break-even point = overhead costs / contributionmargin in dollars per unit.Note: You need to recalculate your break-even point on a regularbasis as components change.
  12. 12. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Start your Business: Use the Lean ApproachTest itoutBusinessModelTry tosellReDesignbased onfeedbackRapidPrototypeReintroduce
  13. 13. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Your PitchKEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE
  14. 14. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Session Agenda1. Quick Recap2. Registering your Team3. Guest Speaker4. Final Thoughts
  15. 15. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Selection• By now you would’ve made your Team Selection• You need a WINNER attitude all around you• You need COMMITMENT, ETHICS, TRUST & TRANSPARENCY
  16. 16. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 1• Project Name• ProjectCategory• ProjectAbstract• Number ofTeam MembersPage 1Basic Details
  17. 17. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 2• CustomerSegment• Unique ValueProposition• ChannelsPage 2ExternalElements
  18. 18. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 3• Activities• Resources• PartnershipsPage 3InternalElements
  19. 19. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 4• Target Market• Cost Structure• Funding• Total RevenueYear 1• Total RevenueYear 3• Profit Margin• BreakevenPointPage 4Financials
  20. 20. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 5• CompetitorsBarriers toEntry• Prototype• SupportingMaterialPage 5Readiness
  21. 21. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Team Registration Page 6• Team Leader• First TeamMember• Second TeamMemberPage 6Team
  22. 22. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013The Judging ProcessEach entry will be judged on the following 5 criteria based on a5‐point scale:1) Attractiveness to the business and progress to date2) Is the value proposition (solution for a pain point that a customerwould pay for) well defined?3) Market opportunity and competitive positioning4) Team mix, qualification, and experience5) Would you fund this business or the team?
  23. 23. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Highlights• Video Submission Deadlines- Arabic: 3rd June- English: 4th June- French: 5th June• Upcoming Workshops- Lebanon: 31st of May (Berytech)- Abu Dhabi: 12th of June- Riyadh: 14th of June
  24. 24. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Highlights• Final Events- Abu Dhabi: Jun 21-23If anyone wants to attend those workshops, send an email or (the other email from Intel challenge, not surewhich one they are using)
  25. 25. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Session Agenda1. Quick Recap2. Registering your Team3. Guest Speaker: Zakaria Ben Hamouche4. Final Thoughts
  26. 26. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Final ThoughtsComing together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.Henry Ford
  27. 27. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Intel Challenge ME Facebook PageJoin and Like us on Facebook: Intel Challenge ME
  28. 28. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013Intel Challenge ME TwitterFollow us on Twitter: @ICME2013
  29. 29. Registering your TeamFor tweeting: #ICME2013BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!Thank You.