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Marathi Infoline ppt


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Marathi Infoline established on 27th Feb 2010, has come a long way round to reach the global entrepreneurs till now. We have been enjoying 25 Lac+ hits for from
71 countries in the world and have imbibed a strong feeling of the community prosperity in them.

Marathi Infoline is intends to touch the lives of numerous such people through various projects in the pipe line which benefit the Corporate world, Social organisation as well the layman Marathi Maanoos.

Marathi Infoline is equipped with a Marathi Call Centre, to provide service especially to the Marathi Business World to reach their Marathi Customers and vice versa.

We work in two SBU’s 1) Marathi Infoline & 2) Online Promotions & Designing.
We also design & develop websites, design collaterals, logos & manage social media for customers.

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Marathi Infoline ppt

  1. 1. we build your virtual face on the web,making your customers to say WOW!in turn build your brand image& create more business.
  2. 2. Through our Designs.We dont create designs.WE THINK DESIGNS.way we Communicate to you isOur designs communicate the stories youwant to convey.Of your brands,Your Success,Your Schemes,Your plans,whatever you want.
  3. 3. Social Media is simply anotherway for you to connect withpeople and share your message… efficiently, effectively, and practically free.  Be Seen: Establish a Dominant Web Presence  Be Heard: Advocate & Promote  trigger a “Butterfly Effect” that builds awareness  Be Advised: Listen & Learn  get open and honest feedback.  Find out what people are saying  Correct misunderstandings or misconceptions