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iSPIRT first Founder Circle meeting in Bangalore on 4th Feb 2013


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iSPIRT first Founder Circle meeting in Bangalore on 4th Feb 2013

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iSPIRT first Founder Circle meeting in Bangalore on 4th Feb 2013

  1. 1. Founder  Circle   4th  Feb  2013   1  
  2. 2. Topics   •  Introduc.ons   •  Revisit  the  “Why”  behind  iSPIRT’s  crea.on     •  What  are  our  first  year  goals   – iSMB  program   – ProductNa.on  plans   •  How  we  will  work   •  Press  talking  points   2  
  3. 3. “Why”  behind  iSPIRT’s  crea.on     Open  Discussion     •  Rewri&ng  the  script  of  the  na&on   •  10  year  gameplan   •  Think  Tank  Vs  NASSCOM   3  
  4. 4. First  Year  Goals   Policy   Playbooks   Programs   • Why  a  vibrant  product  industry  is  vital  to   India’s  future  (wapivif)   •  buying  policy   • Tax  clarity   • SoSware  patents   ü Highlight  Product  Entrepreneurship   ü Do  focused  events,  meetups,   webinars  around  product  playbooks   • Build  a  deep  online  community   • Launch  Mentor  Clinics   ü iSMB   • M&A  Connect   4  
  5. 5. iSMB  Program  deep  dive   Shoaib  Ahmed   5  
  6. 6. iSMB  Program   •  Why  iSMB  Program   •  Focus  on  Technology  Acceptors   •  What’s  holding  up  adop.on?   •  Program  Architecture   •  Program  Funding   •  Mistakes  to  Avoid   •  Future  plans   6  
  7. 7. Why  iSMB  Program?   •  Size  of  the  prize   –  Future  of  Indian  economy  depends  on  SMB  sector   becoming  efficient   –  This  is  a  big  opportunity  for  soSware  products  and  product   enabled    commercial  intermediary   •  Large  latent  market  that  can  be  opened  by  strategic   investment  by  iSPIRT   7  
  8. 8. Our  focus  is  on  Technology  Acceptors     •  Aware  of  Technology   •  First  to  implement   Adopters   •  Look  for  Trusted  Services   •  Long  term  investors   Acceptors   •  Adopt  when  prac.ces  are  obsolete   Resistors   8  
  9. 9. What’s  holding  back  Technology  Acceptors?   No  Independent  High   Quality  Advice   •  Struggling  to  define  needs   and  picking  the  right  place   to  start   •  Unable  to  select  the   product  category  most   appropriate  to  their  needs   Overpromise  Under   delivery   •  Opportunis.c  pricing   •  No  easy  dispute   resolu.on   Limited  post  sale   support   •  Stuck  at  novice  user  level   •  Instead  of  product   support,  he  is  offered   expensive   service   iSMB  interven.on   Phase  A   Phase  B   Phase  C   9  
  10. 10. Phase  A   Scaling  Free  Advice  for  SoSware  to  100K  SMBs   Narrowly  focused   –  Jewelers  first,  Small  pharma,  Nursing  homes,  Schools,  Small  hotels,  etc.   1.  Guide  for  each  segment   –  Why  soSware  products  can  help  your  organiza.on?   –  What  top  problems  should  I  address?   –  Where  to  start?  Where  to  go  next?   –  How  to  select  a  vendor?   2.  Organizing  the  target  database   3.  Phone   –  Trained  consultants  that  follow-­‐up   4.  Focused  Workshops  for  Prospects   –  Done  with  trade  associa.ons  (e.g.  Jewelry  Associa.on  of  India)   10  
  11. 11. Phase  B     Mentoring  Pseudo-­‐Products  to  be  Pure-­‐Products   Product  Company  Changes  needed:   •  Start  with  clear  posi.oning  and  its  ar.cula.on   •  No-­‐surprise  pricing   •  Product  management  discipline   •  Resolving  disputes  on  Online  Dispute  Resolu.on   plalorm   Only  select  companies  will  be  empaneled   11  
  12. 12. How  is  the  iSMB  program  funded?   •  funding  in  place   –  RS  40L  which  will  be  used  for  seeding  steps  1/2/3  of   Phase  ‘A’  rollout  for  mul.ple  segments   •  Cost  recovery  model   –  Empaneled  vendors  pay  for  cost-­‐of-­‐qualified-­‐lead   –  Expected  to  RS  1-­‐2K  per  lead   •  Sponsorships  possible   –  Some  interest  from  Intel  and  Airtel   12  
  13. 13. What  have  we  learnt  from  others?   •  From  Intel  program   –  Posi.oned  as  business  but  was  actually  product  informa.on     •  From  MS  program   –  Instead  of  porlolio  of  products  they  were  only  one  product   •  From  Tally  adop.on  (over  2m  SMBs  using  it)   –  Although  channel  works  for  Tally,  it  is  unable  to  carry   non-­‐Tally  products  so  separate  is  needed   13  
  14. 14. Future   •  Launch  buyer  facing  website  where   iSMB  guides,  product  informa.on  and  vendor   ra.ngs  will  be  available   •  Provide  “good  business”  cer.fica.on   •  Setup  Online  Dispute  Resolu.on  plalorm   14  
  15. 15. ProductNa&on  Plans   Avinash  Raghava   15   A  plalorm  to  nurture  and  grow  the  Indian  startup  product   ecosystem.  It  seeks  to  inform,  educate,  and  ini.ate   dialogues  among  key  ecosystem  par.cipants.    
  16. 16. Objec.ves   •  Highlight  Product  Entrepreneurship  and   provide  more  visibility  for  the  product   startups   •  Do  focused  events,  meetups,  webinars  around   product  playbooks  with  eco-­‐system  partners   •  Build  a  deep  online  community  that  fosters   conversa.ons  amongst  prac..oners   •  Launch  Mentor  Clinics  for  product  companies   •  Create  SoSStore,  a  microsite  for  iSMB   program   16  
  17. 17. The  Impact  so  far   •  175+  blog  posts  done  in  <  5  months,  20+  contributors,   40+  Product  Companies  featured  on  the  site   •  ProductNa.on  traffic  /month  around  10K  pageviews,   6k  visitors  and  around  3.8  unique  visitors.   •  Social  Media  has  got  good  following  –  Twiter  ~800   followers  &  Facebook  ~2400  likes.   •  Around  7  Issues  of  Newsleter  sent  out  so  far.   Subscriber  base  –  13.1K+  subscribers.     •  #PNMeetup  organized  in  NCR  every  third  Saturday  of   the  month.  Gewng  an  average  of  ~45-­‐50  people  for   these  meetups.   17  
  18. 18. SoSStore  Mockup   18  
  19. 19. Topics   •  Introduc.ons   •  Revisit  the  “Why”  behind  iSPIRT’s  crea.on     •  What  are  our  first  year  goals   – iSMB  program   – ProductNa.on  plans   •  How  we  will  work   – Gaps  to  plug   •  Press  talking  points   19  
  20. 20. Our  Working  Model   Powered   by   Volunteer   model   Policy   Playbooks   Programs  • High  quality  results   • Alignment  with  mission   20  
  21. 21. What  makes  it  different?   Open  source  inspired  model:   •  High  competency  volunteers   •  Fluid  hierarchy  based  on   contribu.ons     •  Strong  performance  culture   Repeatable  successes:   •  Founda.onal  Principles     •  Prac.ces   21  
  22. 22. Founda.onal  Principles   1.  Pulled  by  Passion,  Pushed  by  Program  Management   –  Passion  :  strong  sense  of  mission/cause   –  Program  Management  :  being  “anal  with  a  smile”   2.  Build  Around  Challenges   –  The  volunteer  will  select  a  challenge,    not  be  given  a  task   –  Expose  people  to  the  problem  and  let  them  find  a  solu.on   3.  Challenge  Hygiene     –  Framing  the    challenge  is  key   –  Each  challenge  has  a  clear  set  of  stakeholders,  and  green/clean   goals   4.  Good  to  Great  Volunteering   –  Easier  challenges  given  to  first  .me  volunteers   –  Great  volunteering  is  a  learnable  skill     –  Challenges  must  not  outgrow  number  of  available  Program  Managers     22  
  23. 23.  Prac.ces   1.  First  .me  volunteers   –  Expect  early  churn  among  new  volunteers;  over-­‐staff  by  50%   –  Work  on  short  challenges    (<  3  months);  only  work  on  one  challenge  at  a  .me   2.  On-­‐boarding  Volunteers   –  Lead  volunteer  should  be  the  hardest  working  member  of  team   –  Lead  volunteer  is  NOT  a  manager;  works  through  influence  NOT  control   –  External  hierarchy  is  surrendered;  what  maters  is  volunteer  hierarchy     3.  Program  Managing  the  Challenge   –  Status  monitoring/follow-­‐up  is  offline;  Mee.ngs  focus  on  hashing  out  ideas/ direc.on   –  Radical  transparency;  no  informa.on  asymmetry   4.  Closing  Out  a  Challenge   –  Living-­‐dead  mode  must  be  avoided;  challenge  is  killed  quickly  or  revived   23  
  24. 24. Why  People  Volunteer?   •  Similar  as  Kar  sevak   model   •  Working  on  something  bigger  than   any  firm  or  individual   •  Power  of  shared  purpose   •  Peer  recogni.on  is  the  reward   •  Not  for  personal  glory     24  
  25. 25. Back  to  First  Year  Goals:  Leadership  Status   Policy   Playbooks   Programs   • Why  a  vibrant  product  industry  is  vital  to   India’s  future  (wapivif)   •  buying  policy   • Tax  clarity   • SoSware  patents   • Highlight  Product  Entrepreneurship   • Do  focused  events,  meetups,   webinars  around  product  playbooks   • Build  a  deep  online  community   • Launch  Mentor  Clinics   • iSMB   • M&A  Connect   25   Color  Legend:   Leadership  in  place   Leadership  not  yet  n  place  
  26. 26. Press  Talking  Points   Open  Discussion  led  by  Peter  Yorke     26   At  the  heart  of  it  all….   THE  BRAND!  
  27. 27. At  the  heart  of  it  all….   THE  BRAND!  
  28. 28. Why  are  we  talking  to  the  media?   “Circula.on  is  like  the  sun.  It  con.nues   to  rise  in  the  East  and  decline  in  the   West.”   In  India,  print  media  growth  is  rapid,  but   uneven;  350  million  Indians  read  print   publica.ons,  and  53  percent  of  those  readers   are  ‘rural’  –  in  a  country  where  65  percent  of   the  popula.on  lives  in  rural  areas,  this  is   significant.     N.  Ram,  former  Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief  of  the  Hindu  newspaper     CII  Entertainment  and  Media  Report  October  2012  
  29. 29. What  do  we  want  to  tell  them?   •  We  all  believe  that  SoSware  Products  will  transform   India  at  large   •  iSPIRT  is  a  new-­‐gen  Think-­‐Tank   •  iSPIRT  came  together  through  the  voluntary  efforts   of  30  Founders  Circle  Members   •  iSPIRT  is  a  Sec.on  25  not-­‐for-­‐profit  organiza.on   •  iSPIRT  will  operate  3  pillars   –  Convert  ideas  to  policy  proposals   –  Convert  conversa.ons  into  playbooks  for  entrepreneurs   –  Convert  ac.ons  of  self-­‐help  into  market   catalysts  
  30. 30. 30