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Thinking Product Nation


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The Why, What, How & Who of iSPIRT. To be like the Olympic Gold Quest for India's Product Winners

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Thinking Product Nation

  1. 1. Thinking ProductNation 2017 Edition
  2. 2. Rewriting the script of a nation 2017
  3. 3. Why we do what we do ?
  4. 4. At iSPIRT What animates us? $500 bn in Market Capitalization Indian Saas on Top of World Sibling #1 'Bharat' entrepreneurship will be the envy of the world Sibling #2
  5. 5. It is a Battle of Ecosystems & Mindset Matters TCS/Infosys Accenture Flipkart Amazon Ola Uber … ... Owens is as fast as Bolt when one accounts for better track and starter. 4.5% Amiya Usain Mallika Bolt Mindset MattersBattle of Ecosystems
  6. 6. Elite (11M HHs, 4%) >$37k annual gross HH income Wealthiest class in India Affluent (26M HHs, 9%) $18.5k-$37k annual gross HH income Top 6-10% of highest income HHs Aspires (66M HHs, 23%) $7.4k-18.5k annual gross HH income Middle Class- Looking to trade up & aspire to upgrade (Disposable Income - 60%) Next Billion (103M HHs, 500m, 36%) $3.3k-$7.4k annual gross HH income New Consumers- HHs have some disposable income (33%), total spend $1 T Strugglers (80M HHs, 28%) <$3.3k annual gross HH income HHs with the majority of spend on basic needs such as food, shelter, power & water India 1 India 2 India 3: Reduce Benefits Leakage Our moral imperative? Help lift India out of poverty over the next 20 years!
  7. 7. Unlocking India 2 (Bharat) India Stack Technology backbone for presence-less, paperless and cashless economy Financial Inclusion Payments, Lending, Savings 2nd Derivatives Healthcare Inclusion Primary Education Microbusiness expansion . . .
  8. 8. Kryptonite Superpower Credo: Principles, Beliefs, Ethics Volunteer Doing-Engine Product Nation Manifesto Tribal Friction Tragedy of Commons Free Riding What if: People don’t bother to improve the ecosystem thinking that “somebody else will do it” What if: Public goods are misused without attribution and co-opted for private gain What if: We fail to spread excellence due to sibling rivalry, clashing personalities and different ideologies Our Super-Power and Our Kryptonite Enables us to be a market maker, ecosystem builder and mindset shaper
  9. 9. We bring an intensity to building our technology ecosystem that an entrepreneur displays for building her startup 30 yr Architects 10 yr Planners 5 yr Doers • Think Tanks • Universities • Research Labs • VCs • Policy Makers • Missionary entrepreneurs • Bootstrapped entrepreneurs • Mercenary entrepreneurs Public goods • Market maker • Ecosystem builder • Mindset shaper iSPIRT:
  10. 10. What do we do ? iSPIRT Initiatives
  11. 11. iSPIRT Helps Software Product Entrepreneurs Win Like Kauffman Foundation or Olympic Gold Quest ~700 Software Product Entrepreneurs Business Playbooks Market Access Mindset Flips India is becoming to SaaS what Israel is to CyberSecurity Breaking the jinx of telecom products and consumer internet without resorting to protectionism
  12. 12. Public Tech Platforms APIs India Stack, Impact of inflection points on Government/PSUs/Private Sector across verticals A iSPIRT Think Tank Volunteer driven without conflict of interest, political leaning, operations or implementation Playbook Market Catalyst Policy Technology Stack Enhanced Market Access Buy products vs unique solutions and services - B2C or B2B, Local or Global Events/Matchmaking/Deals Product Business Skill Building Services vs Product mindset Lifecycle of entrepreneurship Learn from peers/don’t reinvent Simplified Regulations Fund of Funds, Stay-in-India Checklist, List in India, Open APIs, Grand Challenges, Buying products not Projects, No Software Patents, Financial Inclusion, Healthcare Inclusion, Regulatory sandbox, Digital goods tax definition, Net Neutrality Policy, Open Source Policy, Privacy law, Civil society watchdogs.
  13. 13. In Last 4 years 2013 2014 2015 2016 M&A Connect SAI InTech50 Policy Framework Open API Team Stay in India List in India India Stack CXO Connect Startup Bridge India TECHPOLICYMARKET CATALYST Roundtable PNCamp PNGrowth F6 PLAYBOOK iKEN InnofestSaasx
  14. 14. India as a Product Nation 2013 2014 2015 2016 Policy Framework Open API Team Stay in India List in India India Stack Startup Bridge India TECHPOLICYMARKET CATALYST Roundtable PNCamp iKEN Innofest PNGrowth F6 PLAYBOOK Saasx M&A Connect SAI InTech50 CXO Connect
  15. 15. Who do we stand for ?
  16. 16. Consumer SMB Enterprise GlobalMarketIndiaMarket eCommerce Online Travel ~700 Indian Software Product Startups *not an exhaustive list
  17. 17. What do India Product Founders need ? Consumer SMB Enterprise Global Market India Market Win in market Create market Indian Founder Silicon Valley Founder
  18. 18. They are Stacked Against Consumer SMB Enterprise Global Market India Market Has natural disadvantage against the foreign founder Has no advantage against the foreign founder, but should have some Indian Founder Silicon Valley Founder
  19. 19. To Win against Silicon Valley Competitor Consumer SMB Enterprise Global Market India Market Indian Founder Silicon Valley Founder Playbooks (BTRC Stack), Market Catalysts (Bootcamps, Teardowns, Roundtables, Cohorts) Ecosystem Building, Mindset Shaping India Stack and Policy Market Maker
  20. 20. Consumer SMB Enterprise GlobalMarketIndiaMarket PNGrowth Roundtables PNCamp InTech50 M&A Connect India Stack Saasx Innofest iKEN Policy Initiative when spread across the map
  21. 21. TECHMARKET CATALYST PLAYBOOKInitiatives viewed across Lifecycle of a Product Startup Pre Entrepreneur Discovery Happy Confused Growth Leader PNCamp Innofest Roundtable PNGrowth F6 InTech50 M&A Connect CXOConnect Startup Bridge India India Stack iKEN Saasx POLICY Challenge Grant Policy, Taxes, Regulation Stay In India, List in India National Policy on Software Products
  22. 22. Thanks