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Vt (conv flow) intech50v1

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Vt (conv flow) intech50v1

  1. 1. ConvFlow Front-line engagement for retail.
  2. 2. The Problem: missing insights and ideas Enterprises are losing out on value from not engaging their front-line as a source of insights and problem solving
  3. 3. Convflow: Front-line engagement solution be-spoke to retail An end-to-end front-line engagement solution with - Pulse: Capture customer and employee insights real time - Structured Solutions: Generate ‘00s of ideas every month on custom value drivers. High impact ideas summarised. - Benchmarks: Performance by store/branch/team on a real-time tracker on key front-line metrics - Capabilitiy: Powered by 40+ retail problem solving tools on innovation, cost reduction, revenue enhancement and customer service
  4. 4. Use case 4 Took our retail efficiency framework. 400+ ideas and ongoing. COGS – 30%, Revenue impact, Strategic engagement from 30% to 70%
  5. 5. Pilots ongoing