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Prophets trends in Interactive Design 2012

Prophets presents the 2012 trends in interactive design on

Our vision of where interactive design is going in the near future and how to respond to it. An inspiring presentation filled with real life examples of top-advertisers with a vision.

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Prophets trends in Interactive Design 2012

  1. ID12 the 2012 trendsin interactive design
  2. about mehi, my name is Petra Sellgerman designer living in Belgiumdesign director @prophetsagencyfollow me on twitter or behanceget more details on linkedin
  3. links in this pres:
  4. 2012 design trendsemerging trends in 2011
  5. 1 emerging trends in 2011multiple device thinking
  6. foodsense.is1 responsive design
  7. www.flowfestival.com1 responsive design
  8. 2 emerging trends in 2011 flashsteps aside
  9. www.onehourpersecond.com2 campaign sites fully animated in css
  10. “we will no longer continueto develop Flash Player in the browserto work with new mobile deviceconfigurations (…) for Android andBlackBerry PlayBook. ADOBE press release “
  11. 3emerging trends in 2011this is not an arial
  12. www.kitchensinkstudios.com3 mad about webfonts
  13. dentsunetwork.com3 show off with typo text
  14. 4emerging trends in 2011parallaxed
  15. www.editsquarterly.com4 parallax goes mainstream
  16. www.janploch.de4 no words – just scroll
  17. www.soul-reaper.com4 html5 comic
  18. 5 emerging trends in 2011infographics
  19. animated infographics are the new infographics
  20. slaveryfootprint.org5 survey goes visual
  21. 6 emerging trends in 2011onepager deluxe
  22. scroll and discover
  23. www.neotokio.it6 expandable content
  24. onepagelove.com6 one page lover gallery
  25. 2012 design trendsway to go in 2012
  26. 1 way to go in 2012 content is king,users are queens
  27. “ Designers are no longer designing for the device, they are designing for the experience. “ COURTNEY BOYD MYERS, Features Editor of the next web
  28. 1 editorial design experience on ipad
  29. 1 instapaper: read later (+ remove the clutter)
  30. couch mode
  31. livetour.mas.be1 couch mode 2 (live tour through a museum)
  32. 2way to go in 2012 lessis more
  33. path.com2 only the essence
  34. hugh emotional headers (and arrow links to content)
  35. 3 way to go in 2012apps redefining the web
  36. www.icloud.com3 apps inspire the web
  37. 4 way to go in 2012useful, custom and pretty
  38. registration as convenient as possible
  39. 4 form informs function
  40. make online reading more convenient
  41. contrastrebellion.com4 not just good-looking
  42. “With more companies and startupsplacing high importance on design andusability the web will only continue toget better and more user-friendly. RYAN ESSMAkER, design entrepreneur “
  43. fab.com4 design sells more than ever
  44. tattly.com4 upgrade your body as design object
  45. www.thrivesolo.com3 prettify administration
  46. 5 way to go in 2012 even googlerealizes that
  47. 5 no more function over form (even google got it)
  48. “you can’t just be geekyanymore, you have to bebeautiful too. “ BRAD MCCARTY, Managing Editor the next web
  49. google zeitgeist
  50. UI experience x 2000
  51. 6 way to go in 2012bookmarking gets visual
  52. pinterest.com6 is ‘pin it’ the new ‘like it’?
  53. gimmebar.com6 inspiration library
  54. 2012 design trendstechnological progress
  55. 1technological progressanimate
  56. beta.rallyinteractive.com1 funky css3 shapes and animations
  57. nizoapp.com1 css animation
  58. scroll innovation
  59.!/services1 parallax pearle
  60. no flash - all html
  61. 2 technological progress flash isthe new niche
  62. and sometimes flash is just right
  63. experience.mtvnhd.com2 webcam integration & video
  64. 3technological progress challengethe site flow
  65. innovative navigation
  66. functional navigation
  67. 4 technological progress custom fontsare mainstream
  68. mahifx.com4 minimalism: typo meets color meets animation
  69. webfont is approaching the finesse of a printfont
  70. 5technological progressweb GL
  71. web GL experiments
  72. web GL commercial use
  73. 6technological progress APImash ups
  74. instagram, my favourite app
  75.!prettyPhoto6 daily dosis best of social goes offline
  76. 7 technological progress responsiveweb design 2.0
  77. www.bostonglobe.com7 mastering responsive design
  78. “Simply using responsive design tomake full site accessible on mobiledevices results in substandard UX. JAkOB NIELSEN, UI expert “
  79. “associate devices with purpose:I want to check (mobile),I want to manage (desktop),I want to immerse (tablet). “ WhITNEY hESS, UX Designer
  80. 7 RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components
  81. 2012 design trendsso what you really need to do
  82. 1 what you really need to do Acknowledge and embraceunpredictability
  83. trial & error
  84. betali.st2 beta testing (the geeks in us love it)
  85. www.kickstarter.com1 fund design projects
  86. 2what you really need to doprocess mix
  87. boooig yessssss!2 rethink the workflow
  88. “This past year, I’ve led more working sessions,had more discussions, simplified more wire-frames, edited more collaborative Google docs,responded to more Basecamp posts, writtenmore stories, and spent less time in Photoshopand Illustrator than I ever have before. I’m abetter designer for it. DAN MALL, DD Big Spaceship “
  89. www.wunderkit.com2 beta multitask
  90. 3 what you really need to do Useyour instinct
  91. “Emotion is at the heart ofevery decision we make. …We do what feels right,we go with our gut. “ AARON WALTER, lead designer Mail Chimp
  92. www.heringberlin.com3 capture the soul of the product
  93. 3 read about it
  94. “ “users tell us so much about themselvesthrough their repeated use of ourproduct and we haven’t done enoughwork to create customized contentexperiences for them as a result of allof that intel. WhITNEY hESS, UX Designer
  95. customized information
  96. felton talks about FB timeline
  97. “This year designers havea chance to actively nudgethe world in any directionthey like. CAMERON kOCzON, gimmebar “
  98. a must-read
  99. “keep looking, don’t settle. STEVE JOBS “
  100. 2012 design trendsthe future is beautiful
  101. enjoy!
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  103. nice to meet you! Petra Selldesign director at @volpelino