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Twitter for readers advisory by Vassilki Veros


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This presentation was given as part of Dragons in the Metcalfe, and readers advisory seminar on fantasy 9 March 2011

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    Hola el meu amic nou
    El meu nom és rita vaig veure el seu perfil en ( i m'encanta crec que podem fer clic així que si us plau m'agradaria a enviar de tornada a través de la meva adreça de correu electrònic així: perquè jo pugui et va dir més sobre mi i dono la meva imatge dolça, perquè pugui saber que em va bé.
    A l'espera de veure la seva resposta el més aviat possible encantadora.
    Miss rita
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Twitter for readers advisory by Vassilki Veros

  1. Public Libraries and New Technologies Learning 2.1 Week 14: Twitter
  2. There are millions of people on Twitter. Write your profile & bio to let potential followers know that you’re a librarian & a reader
  3. Finding Bookish PeopleFollowAuthorsPublishersEditors and associations
  4. BookshopsBloggersReviewersReadersLibrarians
  5. Don’t forget these conversations can be seen by everyone
  6. A hashtag # allows you to tag a topic or search for mentions#reading#UFchat Urban Fantasy Chat
  7. #fridayreads#followreader
  8. Time zones can make it difficult to join some online conversations. Here are some with an Australian and New Zealand focus.#ebksanz#spbkchat
  9. year long reading programTweet as you readMeet up at 8pm AEST on the last Tuesday of every month
  10. Developing networksUnderstanding and engaging with readersAnd finding people to invite to speak at your events