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QAIXA pitch deck (english)

FinTech solutions based on Blockchain technology
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QAIXA pitch deck (english)

  1. 1. Qaixa Software S.A.S. 30-71639381-6
  2. 2. The pandemic of covid-19 has impact socially and economically: • Very few industries produce. • Shops have closed. • Wages are not collected. All of these impact on the family economy, in trade sustainability, industries, services and states do not collect or they do it with difficulty. Social and productive assistance, public wages and payment to suppiers are in danger. PROBLEM
  3. 3. We propose to provinces and municipalities the issue of a virtual wallet, that through a point system that acts as a digital coin, could de applied to: • Reward good neighbor behavior. • Encourage consumption. • Provide social and productive assistance. • Pay to states providers. • Pay public wages, amoung others uses. The virtual wallet issue is supported by states tax credits, with promise of ransom as these debts enter. SOLUTION
  4. 4. STUDY CASE The city hall, through “Marcos Paz Assets”, reward good neighbor behavior. Who receives the asset, can exchange it in shops, and these at the same time can pay to the treasury with this instrument, whom recirculates it. Results First city of Argentina in implementing a solution blockchain + digital asset (cryptocurrency). City of Marcos Paz
  5. 5. PRODUCT Tools: Technology solutions based on blockchain: • Virtual wallet. • Digital coin (token). • Digital payment gateway (QR code). • Virtual shops (marketplace). • KYC / FAFT Report / AML-CTF compliance. • Reward good neighbor behavior. • Encourage consumption • Encourage Tourism. • Attend Social plans. • Attend productive Plans. • Pay state providers. • Payment of public wages, among other possibilities. Applicable to: Payment Gateway - QR CodeVirtual Wallet
  6. 6. TRACTION - OPPORTUNITY Los Cocos Town Hall AR$10 M City of Carlos Paz AR$1.000 M Province of Córdoba AR$20.000 M Córdoba Chamber of Commerce and Services AR$1.600 M opportunity for emission of tokens The MVP of QAIXA is validated by connecting to network connects, made up of entrepreneurs, businessmen SME entrepreneurs, members of business chambers and several officer. Validation The main model of monetization is collection of commission for issuing point (tokens) around the 5%. The income model complements by the collection of transaction fees in the various solutions ( exchange, market place, etc.). Model
  7. 7. COMPANY QAIXA is a startup of FinTech solutions based on blockchain technology . The company it is incubated by the Blas Pascal University, through DoingLabs. Owns vast expertise / know-how on FinTech, since in 2017 founded ET Money ( which, at the time, was know as the “cordoban Paypal”, until it was acquired by another company in 2011. Video Pitch:
  8. 8. TEAM Juan Cruz Barreto Founder & Chief Visionary Officer Maximiliano Scandogliero Founder & Chief Executive Officer Itamar Ahrenbeck Europe Manager Raul Romano Chief Operations Officer Alan Iberra Chief Technology Officer Belén Cura Carosini Head of Compliance & Legal Affairs Mariela González Head of Marketing Gaston Utrera Economic Advisor Gaston Roldan Strategy Advisor Alejandro Blaess Mentor Juan Negrini Mentor QAIXA it is a space for innovation, where its ability, experience and knowledge are given b its Founders and Staff, composed of an interdisciplinary team with more than 15 years in the sector of Digital Economy and Disrupted Technologies.
  9. 9. Do you have any question? JUAN CRUZ BARRETO Chief Visionary Officer +54 9351 753 4014 THANK YOU