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QlikView Business Discovery @ HDFC Standard Life


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HDFC Standard Life uses QlikView Business Discovery (user driven Business Intelligence). View the presentation made by the happy customer at India's largest Business Discovery event.

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QlikView Business Discovery @ HDFC Standard Life

  1. 1. Data Discovery @ HDFC Life We call it Qlik Insights...V AnanthanarayananAssociate Vice President – Business InsightsHDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited
  2. 2. A humble disclaimer….• If you thought that I am going to talk something you which do not know…• If you thought that I am going to be talking something which you have not experienced…• If you thought that I am going to talk on some things which is/was unique to only my organisation…Well… if its known to you, experienced by you and notunique to only my organisation… You have come to theright forum…If you thought otherwise too… then trust me.. You havestill come to the right forum…
  3. 3. We were faced with a few Challenges which needed urgentattention…• Cost of information & time to information – high• Risk of “silos” proliferation – very costly to maintain; Various versions of truth, Datainformation redundancy• Data of “silos” were not consistent and there was a consistent need to rework to support cross departmental portability• At the operational level there was limited scope for perspective of big picture and to analyze data to impact business processes• Thus hampering delivery of highest value information flow which shall mitigate the risks cited aboveThe architectural/infrastructural Challenge•Existing infrastructure could not respond fast enough•Too many sources and too much change overwhelmed the old “model-after-model”architectures of traditional approach of “cooking when hungry”•Users and analysts were not willing to wait any longer for data/information - Too muchprocess up front pushes users to create structure just-in-time with Discovery tools
  4. 4. The dynamic environment demanded nimble footedness…• Our top management would say – Tell us something which we don’t know…• Cost of not taking a decision since data/information was not available, can be a slow/quick killing poison• Our Channel heads would say – Insights without action is of no value..• The sales function would say – We are confused with either too much of raw data or no data at all – Can you say 5WH?• The strategy group would say – We need to sense change, adjust, and take advantage of unexpected opportunities• The service excellence council would say – We need to have Speed and flexibility to gain/sustain competitive advantages• A plethora of statements, demands and questions…
  5. 5. We understood the needs of the key business stake holders…• Dashboards and theme based actionable summaries• Balanced Scorecards till the Department Head level• Easy interface for Business users to do their own analysis• Quicker data discovery• Perspective across hierarchies and nested themes• Data security• Empowering channel partners with an information hook• And if you thought that the list is done and complete… sorry.. Its just a sample of what we delivered And… the solution was provided in a record time… Now… am I expected to name it in this forum?
  6. 6. Sharpening Focus on Outcomes and solving unknowns…• Extending a perspective beyond just the data: Is the business outcome in the desired band?• Efficiency improvements: Using information to eliminate/reduce waste and enhance efficiency• Aid in analysis of Actual vs. target performance and expectations; Clearly zero-in on progress on specific vital KPIs• Towards predictive and proactive engagement• Competitive advantage arrives only by finding solutions for customer- centric issues – like surrenders, churn etc• We were determined that we shall not allow this tool to become a reporting tool in the organisation, while we do use the same for reporting too, we primarily use QlikView as a Performance Management tool
  7. 7. We built capabilities around….•Pattern Detection : 5WH•Association Rules : Causative & effective – detection of patternsof affinity or cohorts•Discovering hidden relationships : Cohorts study•Predictive models•Clustering : Granular study
  8. 8. We managed to bridge the gaps… Dashboard Analytic Apps Strategic KPI Operational Share and visualize operational dashboards for and strategic insights via end-user dashboards for Management and management dashboards and business users KPIs Shrink lag time Distribute between analysis content and and business enable action investigation For business, enterprise and For business analysts external users Visual Data Mining and Analytics Ad-hoc and Interactive Reporting Identify analytically relevant information from unified Data Track & evaluate operational results Analysis Heighten Given success or failure of initiative, refine and repeat process Set goals and forecasts analytics ability
  9. 9. We could achieve a few and managed to build capabilities for a few…•Customer experience analysis - EWI•Customer insights – EWI, segment analysis•Fraud prevention and analysis - EWI•Marketing targeting / decision – Segment analysis•Customer lifecycle management – Customer Life time value•Operations improvement – Manage Lean cell, TATs measure •Gaining competitive advantage •Enhance/review customer service and thus CSAT scores •Comprehend customer behaviour •Improved efficiencies in variety of functions
  10. 10. The benefits of the solution •Information in a few clicks to take informed decisions than gut feel - Users need spend more time collecting data than analyzing it. •Decision Making – Force decisions to be made on sufficient data/ information - User base – All key decision makers and Power data users. •Dashboards – Comprehensive dashboards for Business Heads to understand movement of their KPIs •Easy Interface for Business Users – The intuitive interface is extremely easy to navigate or filter to the desired level of detail. •Multiple Verticals were covered thus providing a bigger horizon of information – Qlikview caters to various verticals viz Sales, HR, Operations, Customer Service and Finance. •Collaboration – on KPIs between users in real time. •Publisher – helps deliver Static Dashboards or reports to lower levels of the Sales Force. •Automated the Policy Document creation for Emerging Market products.
  11. 11. The benefits of the solution Quick Integration : Qlikview has served as a virtual middle layer and has been supporting information integration – almost serving as a miniature EDW layer. Sources of data for KPI calculations vary from Policy Administration System and wonders (defined source systems) to online portals and excel or text uploads. All these sources needed to be combined in a central model to extract the inter-linkages between them. Resources optimization : Huge team of employees which existed across the country for the purpose of just data processing we redeployed for better use of their skills within various functions in the organization. The effort is now being managed by the Business Insights team with just 9 member team.
  12. 12. We were recognised both within the organisation and byindependent organisations as well…..
  13. 13. Thank you!