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  1. 1. Innovative ECM withSharePoint 2010Description:Microsofts Legal & Corporate Affairs (LCA) Department recently won the LawTechnology News 2010 Innovation Award for its use of SharePoint as a technologyplatform. Join Nishan DeSilva to hear how SharePoint is being leveraged within Microsoftas a pervasive information management system and to learn best practices that drive enduser adoption while ensuring compliance with your information management policies.Presented By:Nishan DeSilva, Director of Information Management & Records ComplianceCarol Corneby, Senior SharePoint Architect LCA Information Management
  2. 2. Overview• Introductions• Excitement About SharePoint 2010 at Microsoft LCA• Our Business Case• Why SharePoint 2010 is Better Than A Traditional ECM?• Our Design and Architecture• DEMO• LCA SharePoint 2010 Solution Model Framework• Our Roadmap Methodology• Lessons Learned!• Whats Next LCA Information Management
  3. 3. Excitement Around SharePoint 2010 in Microsoft, Legal & Corporate Affairs (LCA) Department VIDEO LCA Information Management
  4. 4. Business Case LCA Information Management
  5. 5. LCA Information ManagementProgramOur Vision:Utilize SharePoint 2010 to deliver a compliance drivendocument, records and contract management solutions thatcontains flexible taxonomies which corresponds to practice-level workWhat is Information Management?What is Information Management?Information Management is how we create, collaborate, reuse, secure and retain our Information Management is how we create, collaborate, reuse, secure and retain ourinformation assets in a consistent, efficient and predictable way. information assets in a consistent, efficient and predictable way. 5 LCA Information Management
  6. 6. Program Goals LCA Information Management
  7. 7. Business Challenges LCA Information Management
  8. 8. Deployment Philosophy LCA Information Management
  9. 9. Why SharePoint 2010 is BetterThan A Traditional ECM? LCA Information Management
  10. 10. Break the Silos LCA Information Management
  11. 11. SharePoint as a DMS LCA Information Management
  12. 12. SharePoint as a RMS In Place or Hybrid Records Center Policy Management LCA Information Management
  13. 13. Our Methodology LCA Information Management
  14. 14. Our Approach Site Taxonomy and Classification Taxonomy is designed simultaneously Lifecycle is incorporated into site design and classification LCA Information Management
  15. 15. DEMO LCA Information Management
  16. 16. Key Partners Best Change Management Tool Ever! Senior Attorney, Worldwide Sales Group.We are excited to transform our physicalrecords management systems to theCloud Sr. Program Manager, RM Operations Migrating our sites and keeping integrity of our records and metadata was simple! SharePoint Solutions Manager, LCA Operations LCA Information Management
  17. 17. Solution Framework Retention PoliciesSharePoint Compliance Toolkit LCA Information Management
  18. 18. Unified ECM LCA Enterprise Publishing Portal External IM Site Collections Microsoft Publishing Portal With “In Place” RM Division Microsoft SharePoint Division Microsoft Enterprise Portals Internal Farms SharePoint //SharePoint //portal //mysite FarmsLink and Move to Record Center Send to Record Center Term Store (Taxonomy) FAST Search Role Based Security Managed Metadata Information Management Policies NDAs TAP Other(s Physical ) E-mails, Scan Images and File Records Contracts Tools Shares LCA Information Management
  19. 19. IM Program Roadmap 19 LCA Information Management
  20. 20. Business Pilot Methodology 20 LCA Information Management
  21. 21. Setting Funding Expectations Crawl Walk Run FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 LCA Information Management
  22. 22. Lessons Learned So Far… LCA Information Management
  23. 23. What’s NextWhats Next: Launch SharePoint Compliance Site Factory Optimize Search with BA Insight and deploy simple business solutions from Bamboo Collaboration sites on Office 365 Unified Records Management using SharePoint Record Center and Physical RecordsManagement in the Cloud with Iron Mountain Upgrading to Colligo 5.0 LCA Information Management
  24. 24. LCA Information Management