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Huangshan city


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BMA349 Pitch Presentation

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Huangshan city

  1. 1. Campaign for Huangshan City Ruixue Li McCann: Australia’s top ranked creative agency. •Rated top ranked Australian Agency in the world advertising research Centre‘s annual report in 2015. •6th ranked agency globally. source:,2015
  2. 2. Huang Shan City • Tourism city in China • Both mountain views and traditional cultural buildings • A UNESCO World Heritage Site • IUCN listed Resource:.
  3. 3. Lack of promotion of marketing of Huangshan city Specific Problems with the current promotion tools: • The official website is incomplete • The introduction and explanation is too simple • There is no direct contact with the Australian tourism market source:,2015 Problems with the current campaign
  4. 4. Target market Australian travellers: 2013: 770,000 Australians travelled to China 2014: the increase in the number of tourists shows the majority are aged 20 to 39. source:,2015
  5. 5. Proposing a new campaign • Aims to promote Huang Shan City to Australian travelers by increasing awareness of the city to Australians travelling to China source:,2015
  6. 6. Website: Improving the official website: • The contents need more English introduction and explanation • Needs to be more attractive, for example: use it to promote more adventure options to meet the demands of younger Australian tourists Communication Tools source:,2015
  7. 7. Communication tools Digital marketing: Establish official tourism accounts about Huang Shan City on social media. • Facebook page ,Twitter, Instragram,and banner advertising on websites • Trip advisor:More information on it source:,2015
  8. 8. Communication tools Video: • the use of a short video to be promoted on social media and “YouTube”. • Many excellent introductory tourist videos are placed in the public video sites (Flight Centre and other travel agents), in order to attract more attention to the area source:,2015
  9. 9. • Print advertising Flight Centre:Print advertising in their in house magazine (because Flight Centre stores offer free travel magazine). • With airlines. Qantas, Virgin:Advertising could be provided via their online booking services. (print advertising in flight magazines) Communication tools source:,2015
  10. 10. • Huang Shan City This is a place with rich tourism resources • Solution: new campaign to improve the website, and use more communication tools Huangshan will become a more attractive choice for Australia tourists in future Conclusion urce:,2015