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Hyper Loop One PPT - Hyperloop India 2018

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PPT Presentation on Hyperloop One & Hyperloop in India 2018.
Introduction, Advantages, Hyperloop use in India, Concept of Hyperloop PPT, types of hyperloop

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Hyper Loop One PPT - Hyperloop India 2018

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION… • The Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system. • Till now, we are using four modes of transportation i.e. Roadway, Ship, railway, airway. Now to add to this, we have the fifth mode of transportation i.e. Hyperloop. • The creator of Hyperloop is Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of PayPal, SpaceX and & Tesla Motors. • There are two main components in the Hyperloop: Tube and Capsule. • Hyperloop consists of a low pressure tube with capsules that are transported at both low and high speeds throughout the length of the tube. • The capsules will be powered by solar power. • The hyperloop will also be capable of generating power.
  4. 4. HISTORY… • First Idea proposed by Elon Musk in 2012 • He declared it as open source • Need for 5th mode of transportation • He invited many companies for Research and Investment • In 2012 this idea was only on the paper • In 2013-2014 he created the firm ‘Hyperloop’. • Created a 3 Km Prototype in Nevada for testing his idea in 2016 and the result was positive. • The Indian government wants the components and technology of the Hyperloop to be made entirely in India. • There will be 2600 routes in 90 countries for the hyperloop. • While 35 routes have been confirmed. • Out of the 35 routes, 4 routes are included in India.
  6. 6. TUBE INTRODUCTION… • Tube will be used for going and coming from and to a particular destination. • The tube is made of steel. • The Tube Will Be Supported by Pillars. • Two tubes will be welded together, side by side configured to allow the capsules to travel in both directions. • Solar panels will cover the top of the tubes in order to provide power to the system • Magnets will be fitted inside the tube. • Minimum amount of air will be present inside the tube. • The size of the entire tube is of 2 m.
  7. 7. CAPSULE INTRODUCTION… • Capsule will be made of the following components: • Inlet • Compressor fan • Air Storage • Compressor Motor • Firewall • Seating (2x14) • Suspension • Batteries Contd…
  8. 8. • Sealed capsules Work On Solar Power. • The maximum height is 6.11 ft. (1.10 m). • The maximum width is 4.43 ft. (1.35 m). • Max Speed (1200Km/H). • Average Speed (950km/h). • The capsules are accelerated via a magnetic linear. • The capsules are supported via air bearings that operate using a compressed air reservoir . • The capsule will work on air compressors and electric motor.
  9. 9. TUBE/CAPSULE SPECIFICATION… Hyperloop Pessenger Version Hyperloop Pessenger + Vehicle Version Inner Diameter Of The Tube 2.23m 3.30m Tube Cross Sectional Area 3.91sq.M 8.85sq.M Capsule/Tube Area Ratio 0.36 0.47 Capsule/Tube Diameter Ratio 0.60 0.68 Possible Wideness Of Tube Tracks 4.25m 6.60m Expected Max. Solar Energy Produced 285mw 446mw There are two versions of the tube and capsule: • Passenger Version • Passenger + Vehicle Version
  11. 11. CAPSULE…
  12. 12. CAPSULE…
  13. 13. AUTONOMOUS HYPERLOOP: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE • Artificial Intelligence Is Changing How Everything Works Around Us. • With The Implementation Of A.I. i.e. Autonomous Transportation In Hyperloop , It Will Be The Biggest Turning Point In Technology. There Will Be No Driver. • Driverless Hyperloop Will Be A Gateway A.I, Humans Will Need To Trust The Reliability And Safety Of An A.I System For A Complex Task. • With The Help Of Computer System, The Capsule Will Be Directed As Where To Go. (From Once Point To Another). • With The Help Of Algorithms & Software , The Capsule Will Be Controlled.
  14. 14. HOW IT WORK… • Build A Tube In A Closed Surface • Remove The Pressure From That Tube • Attach magnets inside the tube and capsule. • So that it Levitates That Capsule Using Magnets. • Then We Use An All Electric Motor To Propel It. • The entire system will run on solar power. Contd…
  15. 15. • Work On Air Fiction.  E.g. Air Hockey Game. • Create Negative Pressure.  Like a Vacuum. • But will maintain Normal Presser Inside The Capsule. • Capsule Will Run On Negative Pressure. • To make negative pressure there will be pipes in the tube.
  16. 16. IT’S USE IN INDIA… • India Is On 4th Position On Transportation Network In The World. • Introducing Modern Modes Will Be Beneficial. • It Is The Fastest And Latest Mode Of Transportation Which Will Benefit The Public.
  17. 17. ROUTE… Selected 4 Route In India.
  18. 18. ROUTE… Bengaluru to Thiruvananthapuram • 736 KM. • 41 Minutes.
  19. 19. ROUTE… Delhi To Mumbai (Jaipur , Indoor), • 1416 KM. • 55 Minutes.
  20. 20. ROUTE… Mumbai To Chennai (Bengaluru), • 1337 KM. • 50 Minutes.
  21. 21. ROUTE… Bengaluru To Chennai, • 334 Km. • 20 Minutes.
  22. 22. ADVANTAGES… • This Is The Fastest Ground Based Transportation Technology. • It Save The Fuel (Diesel , Patrol). • No Noise Pollution. • 100% Clean:- Environmentally Friendly • It Is One Cheapest Modes Of Transportation • Consumes Very Little Energy • Sustainable (Uses Solar Energy).
  23. 23. LIMITATIONS… • Due To G-force There Can Be Some Issues. • Fully Closed Tube. No More Space. • It Will Only Travel From One Point To Another Point. Does Not Stop In Between.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION… • As of 2018, there is much need for the implementation of the hyperloop project in India as it will solve many on going problems, such as over populated train carriages, due to which people risk their lives and sit on top of train coaches. • It will greatly reduce the travel time and cost, making this mode of transportation available to the general public such as the middle class and lower classes as they cannot afford to travel by special trains or air. • With a positive approach, the Indian government has also agreed and showed a lot of interest and is cooperating with the hyperloop team for speedy development of the infrastructure so the common man can benefit and greatly reduce the overall load on the present preferred modes of transportation.
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PPT Presentation on Hyperloop One & Hyperloop in India 2018. Introduction, Advantages, Hyperloop use in India, Concept of Hyperloop PPT, types of hyperloop


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