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The Journey of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in 2014

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There have been some major changes in the social media space last year.

Find out how our favorite social media websites have updated their policies and made improvements in 2014 and do not forget to leave your comments.

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The Journey of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram in 2014

  1. THE JOURNEY OF FACEBOOK, TWITTER & INSTAGRAM IN 2014 Rajashree Das Community Manager, Sprinklr
  4. 1 Advertisers on Facebook now have to buy ads for every post that they want to display on their fans’ newsfeed. Announced on 14 Nov’2014 Effective from January 2015 Apparently, this step was taken by Facebook to cater to thousands of their users who reported being unhappy by the amount of promotional posts appearing on their newsfeed.
  5. 2 Rolling out the Facebook ‘Buy’ button. Announced on 17 Jul’2014 Effective time: Not disclosed (Testing phase on) This feature will allow buyers to purchase goods directly on Facebook without landing onto some other websites. Facebook is partnering with ‘Stripe’ to power this feature.
  6. 3 Keyword Search option for any past Facebook posts through its Graph Search Already available in most locations. This will help you rediscover thoughts, experiences and memories that you would want to re- experience or check out on something which you might have missed.
  7. 4 Introduction of ‘Calls to action’ buttons on Facebook pages. Available in the US and next year for other locations. This new feature will bring out a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook’s presence. The available buttons are Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play game, Shop Now, Sign up and Watch video.
  8. 5 The Ad preferences option Announced on 13 Nov’2014 Effective date not disclosed yet. Ad preferences will allow people on Facebook to share what they are and they are not interested in, which means advertisers will be able to reach audiences more accurately.
  9. 6 Ads delivery through Audience network Announced on 9 Oct’2014 Already available to most marketers worldwide With Audience Network, you can use Facebook’s data to extend campaigns beyond Facebook and advertise on other mobile applications. It uses the same targeting and measurement features that are already in use. They come in three varieties, banner, interstitial and native.
  10. 7 The launch of Ads Manager on mobile devices Announced on 17 Jul’2014 Effective from July 2014 An effective feature to pause or resume campaigns, edit budgets & schedules, view insights or respond to alerts. You get all of this just by logging onto your mobile phone.
  11. 8 The streamlined look for Facebook pages. Announced on 14 Jul’2014 Effective from July 2014 Facebook rolled out this look on desktop to enable user and page admins easily navigate to the tools or features they use the most. The left side panel gives information of your business including map, hours of operation, contact information or website URLs, to photos, videos. Page admins can get an overview of page insights from the right side panel. Pages to watch is another added advantage that admins can check to compare the performance of their pages against their competitors.
  12. 9 Redesign of the right-hand column ads panel Announced on 25 Jun’2014 Ongoing process rolled out in June’2014 Designed to give advertisers a more creative canvas with their ads and an equally better experience for people on Facebook.
  13. 10 Facebook answered why organic reach is declining Revealed on 5 Jun’2014 Facebook explained that there are essentially two reasons why this is happening. First, being more and more stories generated every day, almost 1500+ different stories every time they login. The number of pages people have liked have increased by almost 50% as compared to 2013 which means the competition as to which stories will appear on a fan’s newsfeed has also grown tremendously. The other reason is that Facebook shows only relevant content on newsfeed and out of 1500, only around 300 appears at a given time.
  14. 11 The ‘Thank You’ video from Facebook on their 10th Anniversary. Shared on 5 Feb’2014 Facebook launched an amazing video featuring businesses across the globe on how they are growing with better CRM and to share the message of ‘thanks’.
  16. 1 Twitter improves its harassment reporting ways Announced on 2 Dec’2014 Effective from 2 Dec’2014 Twitter is working continuously on building a safer platform to work on. Along with blocking and reporting features, they are working on incorporating additional user controls to enhance enforcement for abusive accounts.
  17. 2 Sharing tweets through Twitter’s direct message Announced on 20 Nov’2014 This new update is an example to show how Twitter is not only a great place for public conversation but a place to privately discuss things that you really want to.
  18. 3 Twitter’s archive search Announced on 19 Nov’2014 Recently, Twitter opened up this new feature using which you can search any public tweet that have been posted since the time Twitter came into existence. You can navigate to your desired tweet by simply making use of Twitter’s advanced search.
  19. 4 A whole new Twitter experience- The Audio card Announced on 16 Oct’2014 With a single tap, the Twitter card lets you discover and listen to audio directly on your timeline on both IOS and Android. They have partnered with SoundCloud to provide the new audio feature. With this new feature, a user can continue listening to music numbers inside the Twitter app.
  20. 5 Twitter’s relationship update with IBM Announced on 29 Oct’2014 Twitter and IBM announced their new association and marked it as an important step towards unleashing the limitless application that IBM can provide with the unlimited social data that Twitter can offer. IBM known for its intelligent decision making solutions will be encompassing a whole new venue by processing the Twitter data.
  21. 6 Twitter continues experimentation and evolving its home timeline Revealed on 17 Oct’2014 Twitter constantly tries to experiment the look and feel of its interface to find out what works best with its users. This time they included recommended tweets, accounts and topics.
  22. 7 Embeddable tweets made available Announced on 12 May’2014 All it requires to embed a tweet is copying & pasting one line of the code into a website. The embedded tweets automatically open up to show images, conversations or videos. An interesting thing is that a user can directly follow the user who tweeted with a single click or even reply, favourite or retweet from the same page without landing on Twitter.
  23. 8 Turn on or turn off notifications from specific users. Announced on 12 May’2014 Use the turn on notifications so that you never miss an update from your favourite profiles, just the way you have the option of muting notifications from profiles which you do not want to receive notifications from. The best part is that the muted user will never know that you have muted him/her but you can unmute them at any time.
  24. 9 Customized suggestions for your Twitter Ads campaigns Announced on 17 Mar’2014 With this new feature, Twitter keeps you updated with the latest news and events & sends optimized tips based on current campaigns. Twitter also provides product feature recommendations to help build more effective campaigns.
  25. 10 Twitter launched the New Interactive toolkit to market business better Announced on 3 Feb’2014 Twitter rolled out this feature for a better usability and to create a better experience overall. The feature includes three resources: profile checklist (to enhance the way profile appears and to create a lasting impression), monthly content calendar (to have a steady content stream to help you stay organized and plan ahead) and tweet templates (containing series of tips).
  27. 1 The five new filters Announced in December’2014 Instagram added five brand new filters called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. The last addition to the list of filters were Mayfair and Willow in December 2012. Instagram brought in these new filters keeping in mind the evolution of photography trends and the capabilities of new age cameras.
  28. 2 Instagram announces the verified badge account feature Announced in December’2014 Instagram in December 2014, publicly announced that they are 300 million users and that 70 million photos and videos are published every day. With the community growing more and more, Instagram finally felt the need of introducing the verified accounts so as to safeguard the authenticity of public figures and brands.
  29. 3 Improved experience to discover people & photos with ‘explore’ Announced in November’2014 The explore option on Instagram gets the magnifying glass icon look and it makes it much faster to find people or photos.
  30. 4 Now edit any image caption you want Announced in November’2014 Instagram finally made this addition after a number of request from its community. Unlike before, now you can edit and make changes to any caption that you put up on an image.
  31. 5 Introducing ‘Hyperlapse’- a new app to capture high quality time lapse videos even in motion. Announced in August’2014 Hyperlapse uses a built-in stabilization system to help you create amazing moving time lapses into a cinematic quality and feel which previously was only possible with an expensive equipment. To begin recording all you need is to tap on the screen.
  32. 6 Instagram inspires creativity with its new creative tools Announced in June’2014 With the set of new creative tools on Instagram, a user gets more flexibility on enhancing the way photos look and feel. With a simple tapping on the image you will be able to apply beautiful effects to your picture; adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and many more.
  33. 7 Improved look and feel for Instagram on Android. Announced in March’2014 The overall app size has been cut to half its size, making Instagram a faster and a more responsive app. The design has been made cleaner and visually more attractive along with making it simpler to ease.
  35. 1 Building brand awareness Driving better visibility of services and products and bringing brands and customers closer.
  36. 2 Multiplying online sales Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now equipped with customized buttons so that you use the most suitable call to actions required for your business. Image credits:
  37. 3 Generating targeted leads Since social media enables you to do targeted marketing, you reach out to more accurate audience and hence the higher chances of meeting fans who can turn into customers. Image credits:
  38. 4 Lesser spend on advertising Social media is far more pocket friendly than traditional means of advertising. Image credits:
  39. 5 Reach out to more people Social media is a place for people to interact and discuss. The chances of something going viral is much higher than the word of mouth pattern. With proper planning and good strategizing, you can reach out to much larger audience than you can do with traditional marketing. Image credits:
  40. 6 Keeping in touch Social media has made it much easier and simpler for businesses to stay connected with their fans, followers and customers. Just imagine that with a simple tweet you can ask your fans to share their feedback on your latest product update. Image credits:
  41. 7 Identify influencers and brand advocates Brand influencers are people who apparently like your product and have share positive reviews. If leveraged well you can get their help and use them for further positive promotion by requesting them to document their feedback and sharing it with others.
  42. 8 To learn what people like and what not By making use of social media analytics, you can exactly identify as to what type of content are working well with your fans and what type of content are not by analysing the level of engagement and reach you receive. Image credits:*XzT2MbnVFD7VWLgkHa2SDiZtCDjV*X3TbcVQKTvf/WhatProductManagerscanlearnfromAlok.jpg
  43. 9 Driving website traffic Social media provides a great opportunity for brands to drive traffic to their website. The best part is that you can check for the exact amount of traffic you are generating through each channel and also analyse the type of content that works on them to extract the maximum benefit. Image credits:
  44. Twitter launched the New Interactive toolkit to market business better Rajashree Das Community Manager, Sprinklr Report prepared by: “Businesses can and must scale real, social human relationships. or become irrelevant and fail.”- Sprinklr
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There have been some major changes in the social media space last year. Find out how our favorite social media websites have updated their policies and made improvements in 2014 and do not forget to leave your comments.


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