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Lesson plan quadratic inequalities


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Lesson plan quadratic inequalities

  1. 1. Ramasamy, Samantha 2011753031Subject: Mathematics Grade: 11Date: 22-02-2012 Start: 13:30 End: 13:40Lesson duration: 10 minutes Topic: Quadratic inequalitiesInvitation phaseSituation analysis (When? Where? Who?)The lesson will be conducted in the afternoon to grade 11 learners in a classroom.Baseline/ prior knowledge (What?)Learners must know how to solve for x. They must also know how to factorize quadratic equationsand what the standard form for quadratic equations is and how to get them in their standard form.Lesson outcomes/ aims (What for?)At the end of the lesson learners must be able to simplify, factorize and solve quadratic inequalities.Engagement with new contentIntroduction (How?)Learners should already know how to solve equations where the left hand side is equal to the righthand side. The aim of this lesson is for learners to be able to solve equations where the left handside is smaller or greater than the right hand side.Learners will be encouraged to share what they know about quadratic equations so thatcomparisons can be made between quadratic equations and inequalities.Inequalities are important when plotting graphs and in equations with restrictions.Engagement with new contentThere are 3 different methods of solving quadratic inequalities: using a table, using set buildernotation and using a number line.Solve the following inequalities for x:- solve and explain as an exampleSummary and integrationLearners will swop their work with their peer’s for it to be marked.
  2. 2. Ramasamy, Samantha 2011753032The outcome of the lesson will be determined by how many learners got the questions right.Resources (How?)Chalk and a chalk board will be used. As I explain the work I will write it on the board.Teacher and learning activities (How?)The teacher’s role will be to explain the topic and do an example with the class and the learners willneed to practice a few equations and their peers will assess them.Conclusion of the lessonIn the conclusion of the lesson, learners will assess their peers.AssessmentForm (What?)Class work will be the form of assessment that takes place.Method (How?)The task will be for the class to complete a few sums that were written on the board for their peersto assess when they are done.Tool (who?)The learners will do the sums themselves and they will do them individually.Self -reflection on lessonWhether the lesson was successful or not will be displayed in the outcome of the equationspracticed by the learners.