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ประโยคขั้นเทพ 4: อนุประโยค (Clauses)

เรื่องของอนุประโยค หรือ clause (s+v) ประโยคที่มีภาคประธานและภาพแสดงมากกว่า 1 คู่ คือมีอนุประโยค มากว่า 1 อนุประโยคจะมีหน้าตาแบบไหน ทำให้ประโยคของเรายาวขึ้นโปรขึ้นยังไง มาดูกันเลยครับ

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ประโยคขั้นเทพ 4: อนุประโยค (Clauses)

  1. 1. ประโยคขั้นเทพ Par อนุประโยค (clauses) Part 4 Image Credit:
  2. 2. One sentence S+V = 1 clause (1 ใจความ) S+V & S+V = 2 clauses (2 ใจความ) ▶️ He is hungry and tired. ▶ He is hungry. + He is tired. ▶️ Tom talked about the new product and Tim talked about the new office in today’s meeting. ▶ Tom talked about the new product. + ▶ Tim talked about the new office.
  3. 3. ✏️ ใจความที่เชื่อมเป็นเอกเทศไม่ขึ้นต่อกัน and but or so ▶ She is tired and hungry. ▶ She is both tired and hungry. ✏️ คาเชื่อม (Conjunction) เรียกว่า Coordinating Conj. ▶️ We found both our tickets and our money. and, both … and
  4. 4. ▶ He swims, but he doesn’t play tennis. ▶ I live in Bangkok, but I work in Nonthaburi. but ▶ I’m tired, so I’m going to bed. ▶ They were late, so they missed the train. so
  5. 5. ▶️ She is French or British. ▶ John’s brother is either a footballer or an actor. or, either … or ▶️ You can either go to Chatuchak weekend market by BTS or MRT. ▶️ Prakorn isn’t coming. + Suree isn’t coming. ▶ Neither Prakorn nor Suree is coming. neither … nor negative + negative
  6. 6. ✏️ Put but or so in the gaps. 1.️ The restaurant is very expensive, ____ the food is terrible. ____ only rich people go there. but so 2.️ I’m studying hard, ____ I don’t have much free time. ____ I’m not making much progress. so but
  7. 7. ✏️ Combine these sentences with both … and. 1.️ Suree owns a shop. She owns a restaurant. _________________________________________.Suree owns both a shop and a restaurant. 2.️ They play tennis. They play basketball. _________________________________________.They play both tennis and basketball.
  8. 8. ✏ Now combine these sentences with either … or. 1.️ His mother is a doctor. His mother is a dentist. _________________________________________. 2.️ The winner is Wilai. The winner is Wipa. _________________________________________. His mother is either a doctor or a dentist. The winner is either Wilai or Wipa
  9. 9. ✏️ Combine these sentences with neither … nor. 1.️ The bus didn’t arrive on time. The train didn’t arrive on time. _________________________________________.Neither the bus nor the train arrived on time. 2.️ Supa doesn’t play tennis. Malee doesn’t play tennis. _________________________________________.Neither Supa nor Malee plays tennis.