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Managing Cultural Diversity


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Managing Cultural Diversity

  1. 1. Managing Cultural Diversity
  2. 2. Understanding Diversity  The concept of diversity is based on individual acceptance and respect.  It is understanding that individuals are unique and different.
  3. 3. Cultural Diversity  It acknowledges the existence of broad cultural groups within a culture.  Cultural diversity includes (but not limited to): - Language - Race - Ethnicity - Values and Religious Practices - Political Views - Social and Familial Responsibilities
  4. 4. Exploring Cultural Values Personal Traits Cultural Values are Time Orientation frequently the source of cross-cultural differences Family Obligation in a multicultural Communication Pattern workplace. Interpersonal Relationships Values that form the core of a Gender / Sexual Orientation cultural can include Education Socio Economic Status Moral / Religious Beliefs Hygiene & Clothing Meaning of Work
  5. 5. Cultural Diversity At Work What can be the benefits of Cultural Diversity at my workplace? Does Cultural What must beDiversity at work the risks really matter? involved??
  6. 6. Managing Diversity @ Work Integrating Diversity Principles Diversity Researching Responsibility Changes for Managers Communicating Managing Diversity Consulting Staff with Staff Evaluating Providing Change Programs Managing Change
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