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Explosive presentation-AWESOME Business opportunity await you!


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Explosive presentation-AWESOME Business opportunity await you!

  1. 1. Explosive A unique concept Explosive 2016 consist of two businesses, Explosive Global and Explosive Gambling. As we grow, our brand will expand into new business areas, bringing new ideas into old business concepts. We are building our business around a community of likeminded people where you need to be introduced by an existing member in order to join Explosive. The foundation, of which Explosive is being built on, is the crowd economy, also referred to as the shared economy. In 2020 we will reach the milestone of 20 million members
  2. 2. Explosive is a all about sharing Crowd and sharing concepts has changed the way we do business Who would have thought 10 years ago that today’s biggest businesses would be based on people sharing their accommodations, their cars and not at least, their skills, with others. Explosive is the world’s first crowd gambling business, where we play together, we win together - and we have fun together Explosive is also a community, taking on the newest trend in the crowd and sharing economy; groups of people coming together to get better terms and pricing on their purchases. By introducing the 2016 way of doing business to gambling we will make as big impact to gambling as Uber has done to taxis and Airbnb to hotels. EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 2
  3. 3. The Crowd Economy Airbnb 400 000 guests per night, more than Hilton worldwide Uber 10 billion USD gross revenue in 2014, valued at 40 billion USD Kickstarter Funded 250 000 projects, raising close to 2 billion USD Lending Club 16 billion USD in loans have been originated through their platform Transfer Wise 3 billion GBP transferred, in 300 different currencies Freelancer 19 million employers and freelancers, from 247 countries Crowd/shared concepts have already had significant impact on traditional business concepts, and we have only seen the start of the changes which will take place Explosive will join an exclusive list of companies who are changing the way people do business
  4. 4. Personal Introductions Linda John Paul WHO IS OUR CUSTOMERS? Most business doesn’t know. Explosive do, as each member have been personally invited to join our community In crowd/shared businesses people are not only customers, they are the business! Linda invites her friends John invites Linda John invites Paul Paul invites his friends EXPLOSIVE presentation Page: 4
  5. 5. We are solely building our business on members introducing new members. Our marketing company has the key role of building and managing the Explosive Community Explosive Marketing Explosive Gambling Explosive New business Revenue will generate commissions, which will be paid to the members who is bringing Explosive its business As a part of our community you will be able to access Explosive Gambling, which is solely for our members When future business will be launched these will only be available to our community members EXPLOSIVE presentation Page: 5 The role of Explosive Global
  6. 6. Why gambling is the first business concept Explosive is changing? Some see online casinos as an invention, it was not. Land based casino games were made available online, with no changes being made to the games. Inventing is when Google launched online search, Amazon launched the Kindle, Apple launched iTunes and when Netflix made television available on demand (naming a few). We spent over 10 years re-inventing gambling. Our games will cost less to play, pay bigger prizes and offer better odds. We have removed the limitations ordinary casinos have. And Explosive offers 100% transparent gambling, with players playing against each other, not against the house. EXPLOSIVE presentation Page: 6
  7. 7. Gambling revenues are massive, it is the Third Biggest Economy in the World
  8. 8. Explosive is starting its business by targeting the biggest gambling segment; namely lotto/lotteries. Lotto/lotteries are bigger than all other games combined, followed by slot machines. Our goal is to offer most of the popular games, including poker, by end of 2017. Our first lotto will be launched autumn 2016. The Explosive games EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 8
  9. 9. EXPLOSIVE LOTTO POKER A gambling concept based around 5 card draw poker, with 52 cards in play, being played as a lottery Our lottery is played based on the rules of poker. But don’t worry if you do not know poker, the only difference to a standard lottery is that you cannot chose your numbers; we deal the combinations which is done with our certified RNG (Random Number Generator). Besides this our lottery works just as any other lottery, with one major difference; With us more than 50% are winners Yes you heard right, more than 50% of our Players will win a prize, from a new ticket in the next lottery round to the mega prize where we create millionaires.
  10. 10. It’s all about winners in Explosive, with more than 50% winning a prize in our lottery WE CREATE WINNERS • Let’s assume that this week we sold 2 million tickets in our weekly lottery. Priced as 5 euro per ticket we have 10 million euro in gaming revenue • Our ‘secret’ formula to our great odds is that we now group the sold tickets into 20 groups of 100 000 tickets • 20 winners will then take home 100 000 euro each (one winner per group) • These 20 winners will then enter a mega prize draw, where one of them will win 1 million euro • Then 1 million tickets gets a new ticket for the next round, that is 5 million euro paid back to the players • 500 000 euro is also paid as winner bonuses to the teams who introduced the cash winners (Friends list game) • These teams consist of up to 140 persons, making it a total of 160 winners in every lottery round The odds; 1 in 100 000 to win 100 000 euro, 1 in 20 to win 1 million euro and 1 in 2 to win a new ticket EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 10
  11. 11. 95 % 5 % Pay out Explosive Transparent Gambling EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 11 THE EXPLOSIVE MODEL 100% transparent Explosive charge 5% per game. All our games are played between the players, never against the house. This mean that out of for example 1000 euro played, 950 euro is paid back to the community for every single round played. TRADITIONAL CASINOS Not very transparent Casinos often claim a pay-out off 97%. This does not rely to a specific played round. A slot machine should theoretically pay back 97% over the lifetime of the machine. The typical lifetime for a slot machine in the US is 7 years, which mean that you need to play the same machine for 7 years to theoretically get your 97% pay-out.
  12. 12. Build your own Explosive business BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
  13. 13. Building a business sharing Explosive with others All members of Explosive can introduce new members, and even as a free member you are in tittle to winner bonuses if one of the members introduced by you wins a cash prize in the lottery. By upgrading a player to a Premium member you can start to earn Explosive commissions! PREMIUM MEMBER EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 13
  14. 14. Earn unlimited income by sharing Explosive with others Explosive Commissions You Whenever new Premium members join commissions are generated from their signup purchase Premium Members EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 14 Gambling Revenue Lottery Prizes Up to 16.67% of cash lottery prizes are paid in commissions, as winner bonuses When members play commissions are generated from their deposits, e.g. the lotteries generates 10% in commissions As we grow new Explosive businesses will be launched, creating additional income streams
  15. 15. Premium Membership Starting you own business with Explosive is easy. This is a business opportunity for everyone, where you will succeed if you are dedicated to building your own Explosive business Premium Membership fee €200 Onetime fee, in addition a monthly purchase of €20 is required in order to be qualified for commissions EXPLOSIVE official presentation Page: 15  Setup of accounts to track your sales and commissions  Your personal e-wallet for commission pay outs (withdrawal by wire transfer and card)  A prepaid card, connected to your e-wallet, or a standalone card  Premium members will also receive marketing tools, such as replicated webpages, exclusive access to Explosive events and credits towards paid services
  16. 16. WELCOME TO EXPLOSIVE If you are not already a member, contact the person who told you about Explosive and ask for his/her unique ID, which will enable you to become part of Explosive.
  17. 17. Explosive Global Rohnewalt Ltd Cyprus EXPLOSIVE presentation Page: 17 Explosive Gambling Massive Online Gambling (MOG) B.V. Curacao Explosive Corporate Details