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Mule batch processing

Batch processing component and how to use / configure the component

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Mule batch processing

  1. 1.  Batch component is used to process huge messages in batches. In batch we have 3 phases. 1. Input 2. Process Records 3. On complete Input: Input phase is used to prepare a collection object with input message. Because process records phase expects a collection object.
  2. 2. Process Records:  Process Record phase expects a collection object to process the each record of collection in individually and parallel. Here each object of collection is a record. On Complete:  On complete phase is used to summarize the flow. Following variables are available in On Complete phase to get the status of flow. • Count of Successful records • Count of Failure records • Count of total records.
  3. 3. Example:  In the following example, it explains how to transform CSV to XML using batch. This example exposes a HTTP rest service.
  4. 4.  In the main flow input csv file path sets to payload and refer to a batch job.
  5. 5.  In Input phase, an expression component is used to read file (src/main/resources/input.csv) data. This expression component refers to a file (src/main/resources/ReadFile.txt) which has code to read file data. Another expression component has below expression to create a collection object.  payload = new com.techm.common.util.LineIterator(payload);  LineIterator is our custom class which implements Iterator Interface to implement collection object. Below is code of LineIterator class.
  6. 6. Note : Java Code Continuation from line 31 on next slide.
  7. 7.  In Process Records phase, we have two batch steps to transform payload from csv to xml using datamapper and write the xml data into a file. Second batch step contains batch commit. The message processors which are in batch commit scope get execute depends of size of batch commit.  <batch:commit size="5" doc:name="Batch Commit">  This batch commit get executed for every 5 records as configured.  On Complete phase has one logger component which logs successful, failure and total no of records.  Note : SOAP UI project to test this application is placed in src/test/resources.
  8. 8. Thank You All