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Law & Same-Sex Marriage


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Published in: News & Politics
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Law & Same-Sex Marriage

  1. 1. Law & Same-Sex Marriage Philosophy ofLaw Raymond Ngu
  2. 2. The Morality of SSM What is morality?  Fuller (1958): often unclear definition  Taken from religious texts If the morality in question does arise from religion… (DeLaet & Caufield 2008)  First Amendment  Neutrality principle  Free exercise of religion  Heterogeneity of Religious Responses (Rudy 1997)
  3. 3. Constitutionality Amending the Constitution  Lyons, Scalia & Dworkin Fourteenth Amendment  Equal Protection Clause  Romer v. Evans (1996)  Lawrence v. Texas (2003)  Goodridge v. Department of Public Health (2003)
  4. 4. Paternalism Mill (1971) on paternalism  Definite harm results directly from the action is more than the violation of a moral rule or the manifestation of a moral wrong  It has to be harm to others Hart (1955) on Natural Rights  “At liberty to do any action which is not one…designed to injure other persons.” Is there a natural right to marriage?  Does SSM cause harm to others? To the institution?  The Deinstitutionalization of Marriage (Cherlin 2004)