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Java and DevOps: Supercharge Your Delivery Pipeline with Containers


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As developers we have one main goal: solve problems through software development. For that, the code we write has to be put to use, in the hands of the intended user. But more often then not, our code get stuck in interminable delivery processes... But we can do better, and we can create streamlined delivery pipelines, and implement continuous delivery and deploy processes in our projects. And one of the most promising technologies to get our code ready to solve real problems is software containers. This panel will bring together developers that understand the benefits of containers technologies, to clarify their importance, their problems, and how to apply to real world projects.

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Java and DevOps: Supercharge Your Delivery Pipeline with Containers

  1. 1. Java and DevOps: Supercharge Your Delivery Pipeline with Containers Edson Yanaga Director of Developer Experience @yanaga
  2. 2. When is your job “done”?
  3. 3. @yanaga Brace yourselves! NEW VERSION IS COMING 3
  4. 4. Developers IT Operations
  5. 5. Dev Ops
  6. 6. @yanaga Dev Ops
  8. 8. @yanaga Containers 8
  9. 9. What is so great about Containers?
  10. 10. @yanaga10 Resource Consolidation
  11. 11. @yanaga11 Servidor Host OS Hypervisor Guest OS Guest OS Bin/Libs Bin/Libs App App Servidor Host OS, Shared Services Bin/Libs Bin/Libs App App Virtualização Containers
  12. 12. Default Packaging
  13. 13. Virtual Appliances
  14. 14. Developer-friendly tools
  15. 15. Container Registry
  16. 16. MicroProfile 1.0 Available! Optimizing Enterprise Java for Microservices Microservice Collaboration and Innovation in the Java Community Thursday 11:30am - 2:00pm Learn more at
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  18. 18. Thank you!