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Game Cocept story


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Game Cocept story

  1. 1. Game Concept Story - Brief One coldwinternighta womanwholivedina small hamletwithjustherhusbandwassorrowing whilstherhusbandsleptpeacefully. She wasprayingrepeatedlytothe gods,hopingthattheywould hearher painand give herthe onlythingshe has everwanted... afamily.Aftermonthsof herand herhusbandtryingfor a babyand neversucceedingshe startedtofeel dispirited,she neededthis baby. Aftermonthsof prayingfor a baby,a miracle eventuallyhappenedandherandherhusband was blessedwithabeautiful babyboy,Ivan. Ivan wasa normal babybut hisintelligence made himstickout,by11 monthsIvanwasable to walk justas well asa 14 montholdbabyand by age 2 he was able to putsentences togetheralot quicker than the otherchildren. Everybodylovedhow smartandoutgoingIvanwas;he couldmake the mostdepressedpersonhappywithinseconds. Althoughbythe time Ivanturnedage 5 a disaster happenedandnothingwasnormal again.The hamletwasambushedbya groupof menwhoare knownas the Satanists.These menare notnormal people,theyare notinthe slightesthumane and nor do theyhave a heart.TheyworshipSatan,theyare not afraidto kill anddestroyinnocentlives. Andthat is whattheydidto Ivanand hisfamily. One coldwinternightSatanistsapproachedthe wall whichactedasa barrierfor thishamlet. Althoughthisbarrierwasn’ttoprotecttheirtownfrommen,theyuseditto stop animalssuchas bears.Neverdidthe citizenswithinthissmall townthinkthatthiscouldhappenone day. Ivanwas gettingreadyforbedjustaftersupper,hismotherwaswashingupand his fatherwas half asleepinthe armchair.That wasuntil a violentexplosionwoke himupandhe whole family felta suddenstartle andfright.Asthe Satanistgroupstartedwalkingthroughoutthe streetsof thistiny hamlet,peoplestartedtoscream.BabiesandChildrenwere gettingseparatedfromtheirparents and anyone whotriedtostop thishorrible Satanist instantlygotbeheadedwithinaswingof anarm. Ivanand hisfamilypanickedandranintothe basement;theyturnedtheirlightsof andtriedtheir hardestto notattract any attentiontotheirpetite home.A few minutespassedandthe screaming and cryinghad suddenlystopped,the onlythingtheycouldhearisthe muffledvoicesof the Satanist speakingdownthe street.Hisfartherpersistedoncheckingif the Satanist isleaving,surelythey musthave gotteneverythingtheywanted.The towndidn’thave muchtobeginwith.Ashis father builtupthe courage to leave the tiny,darkbasementroomandhiswife cryingforhimto stay,he slowlyopenedupthe small doorwhichledhimintothe kitchen.Sofarso good.He closedthe small door behindhimandwalkedslowlyuptothe window nexttothe frontdoor,the windowscurtains were closedsonobodycouldsee in.He pulledhimselfacrossthe wall,backflatagainstit.Slowly breathinghe peakedthroughthe curtainsandlookedontothe street.The streetwas pitchingblack; frustratinglyhe couldn’tsee anythingoutthere.Whatwashe to do,go back to the basement?What if theyare gone and othersare injuredandneedhelp?He slowlysankontothe floor,coveringhis eyeswithhishandshe beganto quietlysob. He couldn’tgobackdownintothat room, just feeling nothingbutafraidand anxious. He stoodback up andtook several deepbreathes,theycannotstaydownthere forever.He slowly startedto openthe frontdoor...Justasmall crack. Just until he is able tosee if anyone isleft. Nobodyisthere. A small cry startedto appearin the distance,whatisit? He beganto squinthiseyes,tryingtosee ANYTHINGwhichwasnearlyimpossible withthe little light
  2. 2. on the street. The cry startedgettinga lot louderandhe quicklyreleasedthiscrybelongedtoa baby. He openedthe doorandsneakedoutof the frontdoor. He can’t see anybodyonhisstreet; not havingenoughtime totryand figure outif havingno one aroundisa goodthingor a badthing he just triedtomake as minimal noise aspossiblehe makesrunsacrossthe streetandclingsonto the wall. Tryingto followthe noise of the cryas quicklybutasquietlyaspossible,he beginsto wonderwhatmonsterscoulddothis. As he getscloserto the babycrying he releasesthe cryis comingfrominside ahouse.He slowlyopenedthe doorandcreepsinside;there isnonoise apart fromthiscry. Ashe walkedthroughoutthe house,he came tothe roomwhere the babyis.The door isslightly open;he pushesopenthe crackof the door to finda man sat there withababy inhisarms, viciouslyrockingthe baby. The manisbig builtandmuscle,he hadlongcurlyhair whichisjustas longas hisgingerbeard.You couldn’tsee anyof hisfacial featuresof the particularoutfithe was wearing,butthiswasn’twhathisdad wasworriedabout. The man is sat ona rockingchair,rocking the baby a bittoo rough thatthe babyisscreaming,the man justlooksupat Ivan's dad, revellinga distinguishface andahorrible smirkwhichsentchillsdownhisspine, “Babies are sotiring!Been tryingmy bestto make himstopcrying” He looksback downat the baby. Ivan’sdad isjust setto run but he can’t leave thisinnocentbabywiththisman,stutteringhe responds“Letme helpyouthen...” Hopingthisrandom,creepyguywill justhandoverthe babybut inspiringly he didnot.He jumped out of the rockingchair and doesanotherspiteful smirkandrespondswith“Noletme helpyou.” Andproceeds bywalkingupto Ivan’sdadwhois stood there indisbelieve.He quicklysnapsback intoreality andbeginsrunningdownstairstothe frontdoor. As he got to the front doorthere is4 otherguysstood there,all biglike the guyupstairswhoiscurrentlystoodbehindhimstill rockingthe baby. He admitsdefeatandbucklesdownontohisknees,pleasingfor mercy.The menjustlookat each otherandpick himup byhisarm, dragginghimdownthe streetstill infrontof his house.The man grippingonto Ivan’sdadordersthe otherto search hishome.Ittook justfive minutesforthese monsterstofindivenandhismotherand to drag themontothe street.“Take him.Put himwiththe otherchildren.”The manordersthe othermento take Ivanaway fromhisparents“Andtake care of hisfarther.”As Ivanwasbeingdraggedawayfrom hismotherand father, theirscreamsand cries fromhis parentsbeggingthemtolethimstayquicklystartedtofade as he was placedina back of a carriage withmany otherscreamingandcryingchildren.WhatdidthisSatanistwant? Ivanis chainedupwiththe otherchildrensotheywere unable toescape.The carriage suddenly stoppedandthe childrenwere thrown outof the carriage one by one and thengot toldto follow a tall,skinnyman.The man made the childrenlinedupandgave each childa number.Ivanhadno ideawhatthese numbers meantbutthe Satanistdefiantlydid.Assoonasthe skinnymanwas done withlabellingthe childrenwithnumbers,the Satanistseparatedthemintotwoseparate groups.One groupwas toldto followthe manandthe othergrouphad to go withthe Satanist.Ivanhad to follow the Satanist.He got toldthat he will neversee hisfamilyagainandaslongas theydidwhathe was toldhe will live.Theyusedhimasaslave and were usedtogrindgrains.To grindgrainsthe children had to pusha wheel whichtheycalledthe wheelof pain.The wheel wasbasedinahot desert,the childrenhadto pusha logto move thiswheel anda lot of the time the childrenwere whippedwhilst doingso.Theyhad to workendlesshours,havingonlyacouple of hoursto eat,sleepanddrink.A lot of the childrenpassedawaydue todehydrationandexhaustionbuteventhoughIvanwasinpainhe was able topushtwice as much and lastjustas longer.The Satanistnoticedthisandgave himmore jobsthan an ordinarychild.13 yearslaterIvan isstill beingusedasa slave,he isunable tomove his handsdue to the blisters,he lookedill. He startedprayingtothe gods to helphim unfortunately
  3. 3. theyneverdid.He feltsodispirited,he canhardlyrememberhisfamilyoranyof hischildhoodall he can rememberisthistorture. One daya woman, whoworksinthe pub where the mencango and drink alcohol,theyreferherasthe oldhag and the crazy lady. She approached Ivanone dayand startedtellingIvanthatshe knowswhohe isand what he needstodo.Ivan justthoughtof it as nonsense andshruggedhimoff,almosthalf ayearlatershe spottedhimwalkingacrossthe streets. She grippedhimandstartedtelling Ivanthathe isspecial andthat he needstohelpthe whole kingdom,he triedtopushheraway fromhimbut she justgrippedhimharder.A visionsuddenly appearsinfront of Ivan’seyes,itwasa visionfromwhenhismumwascrying,beggingforthe baby althoughthistime he hearsthe god agreeingtohelpher.Ashe bouncesbackintoreal life the womantriesto explainto Ivanthatis infact a demigodandthat he is an offspringof a god. Ivan pushesherawayand tellsherthatshe is crazy but as he was walkingwheel of painthatnighthe beganto realise thatall the childrenthatcame withhimthat nighthave all died,all their replacementshave died.Whyishe still here?He justshruggedit off andthoughtitwas luck, or shall I say unlucky. The nextdayhe foundthe womanwaitingforhimin the same spot,she beggedtotalk tohim and he persistedthathe isnot interested.She thengrippedhimandgave himanother vision,this time it was flashbacksof his childhood.The flashbacksshow himbeingable totalkandwalka lotquicker than the otherchildren,showshimbreakingthingswithsuchaslightsqueeze.The final visionwasof hisfinal nightwithhismotherandfarther.“You needtolistentome.”He snapsback into reality and finallytellsthe womanthathe will listentoherafterthe wheel of pain, andthat’swhat he did.He visitedthe womanandlistenedtowhatshe hadto say, she knew everythingaboutthe godsand everythingaboutIvan.He isstunnedandasksherhow andshe explainshow she is anoracle,she isa mediumforthe gods.Theytell herthingsshe needstoknow and that’swhy everyone thingsshe is talkingnonsense andiscrazy.Ivanbeginstotrust hereventhough he still thinksthatshe iscrazy, at leastit’sbetterthanlivingforthe wheel of pain.Listeningtoher stories everynightwasa greatway to escape reality.He begantorelayon her stories,until one dayshe askscan she begintotrain him. Still thinkingit’sahoax he allowshertotrainhim, not wantingto lose herstorieshe dideverything that she wantedhimto do. As he begintotrain he releasedhe wasalot strongerthanhe thought,he wasable to recovera lot fasterthan a ordinarypersonalthoughhe wasstill stubbornthathe isn’ta demigodhe agreedto leave the townandescape to stopthe Satanists fromdestroyingandrulingthe earth. One coldwinternight Ivanescapedthe wheel of painbysneakingintoacarriage whenhe was supposedtobe sleeping,he made hiswayoutof the gate and felta massive relive.He now needsto findhisparentsandstop the Satanistsfromdestroyinganyone else’slife.