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UCM Initial Submission presentation


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Presentation related to our UCM Initial Submission

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UCM Initial Submission presentation

  1. 1. UCM mars/2014-05-09
  2. 2. Available initial submissions Four submissions are available: • Thales/PrismTech (mars/2014-05-02) • RTI (mars/2014-05-08) • AIST (mars/2014-05-04) • Remedy IT (mars/2014-05-01) Posted review comments on the UCM/MARS list • Honda RI (mars/2014-06-04/05/07/08) • Remedy IT (mars/2014-06-02/03/06) Copyright © 20142
  3. 3. Submitters meetings Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon UCM submitters meetings See your OMG agenda for room Open discussion about the submissions and the steps towards the revised submission deadline (November 10th) Copyright © 20143
  4. 4. Remedy IT UCM Initial Submission Johnny Willemsen ( mars/2014-05-09
  5. 5. Our focus area As a company we focus, at this moment, on the runtime part of the component framework Our code generators and tooling take IDL as input Therefore our UCM initial submission focuses on the IDL PSM The UML meta model has to be added, could we make create a separate IDL4 meta model? Copyright © 20145
  6. 6. Generic Interaction Support Our submission is based on the Generic Interaction Support (GIS) coming originally from DDS4CCM Components provide and use services which are defined using IDL interfaces IDL interfaces are local by default Using GIS multiple interaction patterns are defined An interaction pattern is delivered at runtime by connector fragments Copyright © 20146
  7. 7. Container (1) The UCM container should be small and extensible Hosts all components, connector fragments, homes, and services • Users provide components and homes containing the business logic • Middleware vendors are providing connector fragments containing the concrete IPC • UCM vendors provide container services which extend the basic container Copyright © 20147
  8. 8. Container (2) The container manages all installed instances The term ‘container’ doesn’t contain the component specific generated glue code Copyright © 20148
  9. 9. Container Services Container services are a way to create a simple container For example timer support and execution model Services are installed into the container and can be retrieved by other entities in the same container Provide a way to adapt the behavior of the container without having to replace the full container Copyright © 20149
  10. 10. Component Messaging Services Provides the execution model Contained out of two entities, a queue manager and a dispatch manager Different implementations can provide different models • Single threaded • Multi threaded • Queue per container • Queue per component • Etc Advanced implementations can also do deadline monitoring Copyright © 201410
  11. 11. Components Components are user defined Provide services to other components Uses services from other components Do have a context providing references at runtime for the ports of a component Has a specific lifecycle model Can define attributes for configuration purposes Copyright © 201311
  12. 12. Connectors Connectors connect a component to something else • Components, legacy systems, hardware, etc Connector fragments implement functionality to translate a port to a specific middleware, other services, or hardware Copyright © 201412
  13. 13. Home Component factory at runtime Can have attributes for configuration purposes Copyright © 201413
  14. 14. Assemblies Assemblies simplify the composition of a larger system Assemblies will be supported in some way at deployment level, we don’t want to flatten them out like currently with LwCCM Copyright © 201414
  15. 15. Interaction patterns Request/reply and publish/subscribe are defined as interaction patterns IDL defined template modules that are defined using the IDL type system Components uses the provided ports Connectors are defined outside of the templated module containing the interaction patterns; makes it possible to extend the concrete connectors later Copyright © 201415
  16. 16. Some first UCM implementation steps CIAOX11 beta available, includes DDS4CCM Event connector, see First step towards a UCM implementation supporting the IDL PSM Copyright © 201416