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Google Hotel Price Ads Explained


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An introduction to the advancements Google has made with its Hotel Ads and what that means for Hotels & OTA's

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Google Hotel Price Ads Explained

  1. 1. 1 Advancements in Google’s hotel offering September, 2015
  2. 2. How Google’s hotel offering has grown 1. Goodbye Hotel Finder, hello Google Hotel Ads 1. Hotel Ads are now surfacing at ‘hotel name’ level 2. Hotel Ads now featuring on Google Maps 3. Google offers Street View within the hotel
  3. 3. Google Hotel Ads
  4. 4. Hello Hotels Ads Google Hotel Finder has retired, Hotel Ads Commission Program is now open for all hotels... What are they?  Hotel Ads is an advertising format designed specifically for hotel related searches. Hotel Ads show current prices for hotels from a variety of hotel partners combining a “Book” function for selected partners for direct bookings hotels are charged on the industry-standard commission basis rather than cost-per-click “
  5. 5. Desktop hotel name search results These are Google hotel price ads They used to be at destination level only and are now at ‘hotel name’ Hotel name bidding is considered the most profitable keyword type, due to the consumer knowing where they want to book & therefore delivering higher conversion rates…
  6. 6. Hotels details card • More information on the hotel • Pricing and booking options • Mobile optimised view Clicking on ‘view more rates’ open’s the hotels detail card displaying:
  7. 7. Google Maps
  8. 8. Hotel Ads are now on Google Maps Google has overlaid Hotel Finder search functionality within Google Maps Hotel name search Ad’s are served
  9. 9. Google maps on mobile Fold = User click journey
  10. 10. Google book If you don’t have a Google Wallet account, you only need to enter the payment details once when booking your first hotel. Google Wallet then saves your information for next time. Google facilitates the booking, whilst the hotel partner owns the guest confirmation email, post-booking questions and cancellations. “
  11. 11. Street view
  12. 12. Street view of the Doubletree by Hilton Google street view enables the consumer to take a 360° virtual tour of the hotel pre purchase, for the doubletree you can look at certain rooms.
  13. 13. Room level street view
  14. 14. What Google says... Hilton Worldwide drives 12% higher ROI with Hotel Ads Premier Inn Captures 40% more bookings from new customers with Google Ads • 100% of Hilton properties opted into Google Hotel Ads • Saw conversion rate improve by 45% • *Drove 12%* overall stronger ROI • Bookings from new customers were 40% higher than paid search ads • 300% stronger return on ad spend than non-branded paid search ads • 60% lower cost per acquisition than non-branded paid search ads “ ” “ ”
  15. 15. What does this mean... • As Google continues to increase its presence in the travel space, it looks set to add value through creating a one stop shop. • This is sure to be a significant revenue channel for Google; expanding on their existing Ad offering. By moving large chain hotels from bidding in AdWords and spending on hotel ads, this could further cut out large OTA’s and empower the hotels. • Its hard to predict the end goal, but this offering will certainly be most effective when both Google’s desktop and mobile worlds are seamlessly brought together.
  16. 16. Interesting articles Building a better hotel search experience for travellers and hoteliers on Google Google Hotel Ads makes it easier for more hotels to participate