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Content Strategy is Not Content Marketing



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While content strategy and content marketing are two different practices, both are integral for success. In this short deck, prepared for the San Mateo B2B Bloggers Meetup, I outline some of the differences and similarities between content strategy and content marketing, shine a spotlight on mavens Kristina Halvorson and Joe Pulizzi, and recommend next steps.

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Content Strategy is Not Content Marketing

  1. 1. Content Strategy Is Not Content Marketing (And why B2B bloggers should know both) Rich Schwerin Digital Content Strategist, VMware San Mateo B2B Blogger Meetup June 8, 2016
  2. 2. Says Who? My Content Tour of Duty • Ziff Davis editorial (‘92-’99) • Corporate Computing • PC/Computing • ZDTV, author, freelancer • A few dot-bomb startups (‘99-01) • Founding editor • Marketing communications • Oracle (‘01-’14) • Web editorial • Oracle Publishing • Brand & Creative • Product Marketing • Live video broadcasting • Social content marketing • Digital content strategy • VMware (‘14-present) • Digital Content Strategist Rich Schwerin @Greencognito
  3. 3. Content: What your audience is reading, learning, watching, hearing, or experiencing. It’s all the critical information on your website, blog, or any other communication channel. As for Content Strategy and Content Marketing…
  4. 4. Content Strategy Maven: Kristina Halvorson
  5. 5. Three Things Content Strategy Does  Defines how you’re going to use content to meet your business goals and satisfy your users’ needs.  Guides decisions about content throughout its lifecycle, from discovery to deletion.  Sets benchmarks against which to measure the success of your content. 1 2 3 "Content strategy guides your plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content." - Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web
  6. 6. How Does Content Strategy Work? How/who makes key decisions? How is change initiated/communicated? Prioritization Organization Formatting Display Processes Tools Team Members Roles & Responsibilities Topics Types Sources Messages Credit: Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web
  7. 7. Core Elements of Content Strategy 5 • Audit: Close-up of current content • Analysis: Content goals, audience, competitors • Strategy: Map the content journey by persona, decision points, & source Plan • Workflow: How will content happen • Writing: Content for humans (not copywriting) • Delivery: Start with the content (not tools or channels or SEO) Create • Metrics: Data makes the case for better content • Iterations: Continual analysis drives iterative recommendations • Maintenance: Full lifecycle (not launch & leave) Measure
  8. 8. The Content Matrix: Your Secret Weapon  Map the most impactful content types to journey stages, personas, channels  Leverage empirical data + Third-party research/surveys/best practices/frameworks*  Content inventory > audit > identify content gaps per channel (on & off property)  Plan, create, measure performance of new asset(s) Technology Decision- Maker Awareness (Pre-req; education) Consideration (Reqs; eval options) Preference (design; build business case) Purchase (buy; approve and buy) Post-Purchase (implement; deploy, support) Dotcom • Product overview • Features/Benefits • Comparisons • Customer case studies • Analyst reports • Pricing & promotions • Support/docs Support • User groups, forums • User groups, forums • User groups, forums • Optimization tips Blog • Thought leadership • High-level products/solution • Business benefits • Upgrades/new releases Social • Peer-to-peer; related topics • Peer-to-peer; related topics • Peer-to-peer; related topics • Peer-to-peer; related topics • Peer-to-peer; related topics [Generic sample] ChannelsPersona Buyer’s Journey Stages * TechTarget, IDG, SiriusDecisions
  9. 9. Content Marketing Maven: Joe Pulizzi
  10. 10. Content Marketing Techniques  Maximize value & visibility of core content • Drive awareness/demand generation • Increase engagement • Extend reach • Social-ready derivatives drive traffic to core content • Identify core assets • Create derivative assets (often visual) • Serialize, synchronize, syndicate on social & other channels 10 “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience to drive profitable customer action.” - Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute Kapost content pillar approach
  11. 11. Content Marketing: Maximizing Mileage 12 Core Asset Webinars, Podcasts eBooks, White Papers, Checklists Slides on SlideShare YouTube Videos (full, cut- downs) Serialized Blog Posts Infographics & Images Not more content. More mileage from existing core content via searchable, snackable, shareable derivatives which are serialized & syndicated via social. Credit: Skyword’s Three S’s of Successful Content
  12. 12. Example: Putting It All Together Content Strategy: Identify & Fulfill Content Need  Content Matrix: Identified gap (Awareness, Tech Decision Maker, on property)  Plan: Interactive infographic; collaborate with PMM stakeholders  Create: Fund & manage vendor to create interactive infographic  Publish: After iterative edits, accept final deliverable and publish  Measure: Traffic, engagement, bounce, personas, geos, industry Content Marketing: Amplify & Extend Content Reach  Goal: Increase content performance via content marketing  Phase One: Organic social  Two posts/week; 10 weeks; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+  Increased traffic 61%, lowered bounce 40%; doubled time spent; increased next page interaction  Phase Two: Organic + paid social  Create derivatives (e.g. storyboard SlideShare) & amplify via social ads
  13. 13. Thanks! And Now Your Next Steps…  SHARE your content ideas  Blog, tweet, publish your content strategy/marketing ideas  FOLLOW the mavens & hashtags  @halvorson @joepulizzi #ContentStrategy #ConfabMN  @CMIcontent #CMworld Twitter chat every Tuesday 9am Pacific  JOIN the meetups  (357, 98K ww)  (606, 185K ww)  READ the books  Content Strategy for the Web, Kristina Halvorson  Epic Content and Content Inc, Joe Pulizzi  Everybody Writes, Ann Handley  ATTEND the events  ConfabMN, May, Minneapolis  Content Marketing World, September, Cleveland Rich Schwerin @Greencognito