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Construction Health & Safety


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Construction Health & Safety

  1. 1. Health&Safety prepared by: ridhwan ikhsan
  2. 2. Effective training is an essential element in successful health&safety management.
  3. 3. According to British Standards Institute, a proactive approach to health and safety management is required.
  4. 4. In late 1980s….
  5. 5. One out of five employers reported not carried out any training in 1986-1987.
  6. 6. of these...
  7. 7. only 42% recruited people who were already experienced rather than train new employees. of these...
  8. 8. of these...And...
  9. 9. training only provided to 48% of their employees! of these...And...
  10. 10. Only 24% of companies had a training plan.
  11. 11. And only one in 40 companies attempted any cost-benefit analysis of training.
  12. 12. While fewer still evaluated the benefits of training.
  13. 13. It is difficult to separate the effects of training from the other factors that influence safe behavior.
  14. 14. According to Cooper(1993), one way to assess the behavior changes solely due to training is to use a control group.
  15. 15. It is essential for groups to do identical jobs and are subject to the same influences everyday.
  16. 16. Factors affecting safe behaviour…
  17. 17. Adequate selection of individuals for the tasks that have to be performed.
  18. 18. Effective selection requires the employee to be correctly matched with the job.
  19. 19. Adequate supervision.
  20. 20. Ensuring that the correct standards of work are achieved and maintained.
  21. 21. Adequate employee motivation.
  22. 22. Personal and welfare matters can also affect individual’s work performance.
  23. 23. “deviations not considered important”
  24. 24. Commonly practice in an organization, individuals tend to depart from procedures when circumstances arise.
  25. 25. According to Health and Safety Commission...
  26. 26. construction sector giving the lowest amount of training to its employees among industries, notorious for having a poor safety record.
  27. 27. Ensure adequate individual’s performance by consider all factors mentioned.
  28. 28. errors in problem detection errors in problem diagnosis errors in action planning and execution ✓ ✓ ✓
  29. 29. Human Error
  30. 30. Human error is a factor in many accidents.
  31. 31. The traditional view in health and safety has been to use accident statistics as the primary measure of performance.
  32. 32. However, according to Booth (1992), there are a large number of inadequacies in this approach.
  33. 33. Failure is being measured, not success.
  34. 34. Comparisons between different industry sectors are difficult.
  35. 35. Comparisons between different industry sectors are difficult.only truly comparable with the same premises in previous years using the same reporting system.
  36. 36. Evidence of previous failures may not predict future ones.
  37. 37. Using accident data alone as a measure of safety performance has many drawbacks and inadequacies.
  38. 38. Training can be seen as one contribution to the measurement of safety performance.
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