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Supply chain management


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Presentation by Riya Neupane

Published in: Business
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Supply chain management

  2. 2. What is supply chain? 2 primary product flow primary product flow information flow reverse product flow Cash flow ProducerSupplier Customer 3 entities 4 relationships
  3. 3. What is supply chain? • A supply chain is the global network used to deliver products and services from raw materials to end users through engineered flow of information, physical distribution and cash. • An integrated group of processes to “source”, “make” and “deliver” products. • Supply chain activities transform raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer. 3
  4. 4. Supply chain flow 4 Figure from
  5. 5. Supply chain management • It is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the operations of the supply chain with the purpose to satisfy the customer’s requirement as efficiently as possible. • SCM manages all movement and storage of raw as well as finished goods from point-of- origin to point-of-consumption. 5
  6. 6. Key SCM concepts 6
  7. 7. Supply Chain Goals SCM must be focused on • Driving customer value • Better asset utilization • Revenue growth 7
  8. 8. Benefits by SCM • Reduce uncertainty along the chain • Proper inventory levels in the chain • Minimize delays • Eliminate unplanned activities • Provide good customer service 8
  9. 9. Problems along the supply chain • Delays in production, distribution • Lack of partner’s coordination • Uncertainities in delivery • Poor demand forecast • Interference in production 9
  10. 10. Solutions • Scan of the business environment • Enhance strategic objectives • Improve organizational skills 10
  11. 11. References • • 86k 11