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JCPenney radio ad


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JCPenney radio ad

  1. 1. Client: JCPenney Title: “New Lines, Great Looks” Time: 30 seconds SFX: Lightly playing in the background Zolof the Rock n’ Roll Destroyer “Mr. Song” ANNCR: (spoken with a slightly exaggerated tone, humorous, mid-twenties or thirties sounding female voice) While your mall may still look like it’s trapped in 1974, JCPenney most certainly is not. ANNCR: (not as exaggerated and humorous, but still fun and cheerful) JCPenney, featuring some of Americas most innovative and up-in-coming fashion lines including Allen B, MNG by Mango, I Heart Ronson, and Studio. JCPenney, where you’ll look like Americas Next Top Model everyday, whether you’re walking the dog or at the office. Please visit us at website or at your local JCPenney’s store.