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Small Ticket Equipment Financing


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Small Ticket Equipment Financing For Vendors and their USA Based Customers. Actively funding transactions from $1,500 to $35,000 for all industries. A thru C Credits, No Time-In-Business Requirement. 100% Financing. No Down-Payment. 800-313-6433

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Small Ticket Equipment Financing

  1. 1. Small Ticket Equipment Lease-Financing Micro-Ticket Equipment Financing $1,500 -- $35,000 The CashXchange Group 800-313-6433
  2. 2. Funding Parameters • Minimum Amount: $1,500 • Maximum Amount: $35,000 (May be limited based on underwriting/risk analysis of credit history, time in business & nature of business) • Minimum Time in Business (TIB): No TIB • Credit Criteria: Funding A thru C Credits • Down Payment: None Unless Vendor Requires Good Faith Deposit • Security Deposit: Typical… 1st and 2nd month payment due at signing of lease documents • Minimum Term: 24 months • Maximum Term: 48 months • Application & Credit Release Authorization • Supporting Documents: Vendor Written Quote/Estimate, 3 Months Customer Bank Statements, Proof of Customer Business Registration Not Available in Hawaii, Alaska & Miami/Dade County Florida The CashXchange Group 800-313-6433
  3. 3. Small Ticket Equipment Financing Vendor Information… • Vendor Recourse: None • Vendor Prefunding: Pre-Funding (50%) is available for qualified vendors • Vendor Automatic Clearing House Payment (ACH): Available to Vendor Upon Request… Otherwise Vendor is Paid by Check. The CashXchange Group 800-313-6433
  4. 4. Small Ticket Equipment Financing When Cash, Credit Cards or Other Funding Sources is Not an Option, Then Our Small Ticket Equipment Financing From $1,500 to $35,000 Can be your Business Solution Equipment Funding Solutions for Start-Up Businesses Up To $50,000 The CashXchange Group 800-313-6433