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  1. 1. NBA( National Basketball Association)
  2. 2. The NBA or National Basketball Association (National BasketballAssociation) is the leading American professional basketballleague founded in New York profesional.Se the June 6, 1946 as theBasketball Association of America.El opening match was a NewYork Knicks - Toronto Huskies the November 1, 1946 with theToronto Maple Leaf Gardens as the backdrop. The match waswatched by 7,090 spectators. League officials have their officeslocated in the Olympic Tower on Fifth Avenue New York 645.Studies of the NBA Entertainment and NBA TV are located inSecaucus, New Jersey.
  3. 3. Presidents and CommissionersMaurice Podoloff, President from 1946 to 1963.Walter Kennedy, President from 1963 to 1967 and Commissioner from1967 to 1975.Larry OBrien, Commissioner from 1975 to 1984.David Stern, commissioner from 1984 to today.
  4. 4. HISTORY: 1948, the BAA agreed to merge with the NBL, renaming the league as a NationalBasketball Association, with 17 franchises located in a mixture of large and small cities.In 1950, the NBA was consolidated in eleven franchises, a process that continued until1954, when he came to have only eight teams still remain (Knicks, Celtics, Warriors,Lakers, Royals / Kings, Pistons, Hawks and Nationals/76ers) . In 1950 also saw the integration of the NBA, with the addition of the first black playersto the league, as was Chuck Cooper (Boston Celtics), Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton (NewYork Knicks) and Earl Lloyd (Washington Capitols). In 1956, the rookie power forward Bill Russell joined the Boston Celtics, thisteam would become a legend, winning 11 rings in 13seasons. Today, the majority (80%) of players today are African Americans. After the black players entered the NBA style of play changed. They had a veryextroverted style, and were faster and skilled. Entered the game and kill the 24-secondrule. In 1959, the NBA was strengthened by the Minneapolis Lakers move to Los Angeles,Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco, and Syracuse Nationals to Philadelphia. In 1967, the league faced a new external threat with the formation of the ABA. The NBA expanded rapidly at the time. At the end of the regular season in 1976, theleague established a settlement in which four teams moved from the ABA to the NBA,the league increased the number of franchises to 22.
  5. 5. In the 1979-1980 season, the league added the ABAs innovative three-point line.In 1984, Michael Jordan began playing in the NBA, leading to an increasedinterest in the league. In 1989, the number of teams rose to 27, following theexpansion process.Now, a growing number of players reach the NBA directly from Europe oranywhere else in the world, cases like Yao Ming (No. 1 draft pick in 2002) ofChina, Tony Parker (France) and Pau Gasol (Rookie of the Year 2002) of Spain. Today, young English-speaking players tend to enroll in U.S. colleges beforeplaying in the NBA. NBA created a womens league, the WNBA, and in 2001 a minor league affiliate,the NBDL.Hoy days, the NBA has reached 30 teams and continues to develop as amajor sports leagues in the world.
  6. 6. Nat "Sweetwater"Chuck Cooper
  7. 7. Yao Ming (No. 1 draft pick in 2002)Tony Parker. Pau Gasol (Rookie of the Year 2002)
  8. 8. best playersMichael jordan,(who won six rings with the Bill Russell (the man with more rings in history).bulls).
  10. 10. the regular seasonIn the regular season each team plays 82 games, evenly divided betweenhome and away games. The teams face opponents from their own divisionfour times, before the other two divisions of his lecture, three or four times,and against the other conference twice a year.In April, ending the regular season. During that time, begins the votingperiod of the individual awards this season.
  11. 11. The NBA PlayoffsThe NBA Playoffs are three rounds of competition between sixteenteams divided into the Western Conference and Eastern Conference.The winners of the first round (or conference quarterfinals)advance to the Conference Semifinals, subsequentto the conference finals and the winners of theNBA Finals, played between the champions of each conference. Begin in late April, with eight ranked teams in eachconference. the top four teams, the three division champions and the best second are matched takinginto account the total of games won and lost, sothat the top two teams from each conference do not faceuntil the end of the championship. Having a highest recordoffers the advantage of face a weaker team. In the final round, face the champions of each conference to the best of seven games. The first to win four games, will be known asthe champion of the NBA. It is held annually in June,and the champion will be awarded with the Larry OBrien Championship Trophy. Each playerof the winning team, plus coach and general manager, is given a championship ring.
  12. 12. TRACK RECORD
  13. 13. THE ALL-STARThe All-Star Game NBA is a friendly match heldduring All-Star WeekendNBA, involving only the best players of each year,divided into two teams representing each conference (East and West ).The aim is to show, for it also held the same weekend a contest and one triple kill.Participants are chosen is by vote of fans, both in the halls of the franchise and online.The coach of the team with best record in eachconference will lead the meeting,but may not do so in consecutive seasons. This is called "Riley Rule" so named because the coachof the Lakers of 80, Pat Riley coached theWestern Conference team for most of the decade.The first All-Star Game was held at the Boston Garden on March 2, 1951.
  14. 14. salary capThe salary cap is the limit that teams can spend on player contracts and there tomatch the level of NBA teams. Without that limit the teams could offer bigmoney free agents.This limit is established for each future year and is subject to some adjustments. iscalculated by multiplying the BRI (Basketbal lRelated Income, a term definedas those revenues received by the teams as a result of the different operationscarried out) by48.04%; subtracting the salaries of players and dividing the resultby 29.This enhances the value of players as members of a team with aproject economically viable and in sports. Prevents a more affluentteam canget players "to hit book," or that a team has to borrow to meet the competitionwith guarantees (and fall into financial ruin if the project does not fruit).This feature, together with the draft, each franchise is necessary to carefullystudy what market players may be interested for your project (depending onthe profile of the team). So also ensures that each franchise can only "shield"economically one or two players(often called "franchise players")The minimum wage of a team is calculated by multiplying the salary cap by 75%.
  15. 15. DraftThe Draft is a system for controlling the access of new players into the leaguecompetition will benefit. Basically allows weaker teams a year to select players whowish for the next campaign, leveling the competition in the short / medium term.All players who want to join the NBA register to participate in the election of the Draftthat takes place in early summer. Here each of the teams in the league has the right tochoose a player to start. At first the team with the worst rate in the regular seasonvictories earlier chose the player he wanted, then did the next team with fewer wins,and so on.However, it was noted that some teams had no chance of qualifying for the playoffswere left lost in recent games. Thus the first 14 elections are decided by lot.Currently entering the sweepstakes only teams who have not played the playoffs. Ofthese the most wins in the regular season harvested above is the least likely and theprocess. The rest is done in reverse order to that used in the classification last season.the fact of selecting a high place does not ensure that the selected player is thebest. The history of the NBA is full of errors 1984, in which Houston Rockets selectedHakeem Olajuwon as No. 1 and Portland Trail Blazers inexplicably selected Sam Bowiewith the No. 2 leaving Chicago Bulls choose with the No. 3 Michael Jordan.Another key aspect is that due to the low age with embodying the future players toDraft (without finishing his university studies) makes it really hard to gauge what teamsplayer offer better performance over the medium term. On 30 June 2011 the NBA lockout officially announced due to the dissatisfaction of theplayers and owners respectively. This is the second time in the NBA called for astrike. The first occurred in the 1998-99 season.