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RosettaBrand offers unprecedented reach. helps the brands of today become the branded content publishers of tomorrow


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With companies increasingly under pressure to produce and distribute engaging and relevant content, many struggle with the burden of reach and engagement. Brands can no longer simply produce static PDFs hosted on a website. Brands who are winning at the marketing game are using apps and ebooks that can not only tell the brand story but engage customers in the brand experience.

RosettaBrand uses its publishing power to handle expertly technology and multiple international distribution channels. Companies benefit from RosettaBrand's established international relationships with etailers, print distributors, audiobook companies and technology companies for direct delivery of digital content.

RosettaBrand emerges from ten years of RosettaBooks experience turning major authors into eBook brands worldwide. We know publishing. We know branding. And we have experience helping major brands use eBooks as a communications and branding tool. RosettaBrand helps the brands of today become the branded content publishers of tomorrow. We turn content into influence.

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RosettaBrand offers unprecedented reach. helps the brands of today become the branded content publishers of tomorrow

  1. 1. We turn content into influence
  2. 2. What does it mean to be a Adapting to change Embracing your customer directly Generating new ideas Generating new content And most enticingly… PUBLISHER BEING A THOUGHT LEADER
  3. 3. By Publishing Brand Content That Is Dynamic Inspiring EngagingShareable Captivating Brands Can Be Publishers
  4. 4. WHO WE ARE
  5. 5. IN A NUTSHELL We empower and inspire brands to become branded content publishers. We help you reach your customers by turning content into influence Content Influence
  6. 6. OUR WAY OF THINKING We see a wealth of stories & ideas in the digital world. Like the branded content we publish, we strive endlessly to be… Inspiring Captivating Dynamic Engaging Sharable
  7. 7. WHAT SETS US APART Our ten years’ experience turning major authors into eBook brands means we know publishing, branding & content. Content Branding Publishing Content marketing trends and practices have changed. We know change when we see it, and we stop at nothing to change with it Our way of thinking Knowledge Your knowledge bank from your brand’s operations Expertise Your supreme skill and experience in your industry Thought leadership We use the unbreakable union between knowledge and expertise to help you become a thought leader of your industry
  8. 8. WHAT WE DO
  9. 9. Digital Publishing Digital Marketing Audio Print eBooks A DIGITIZING PROGRAM THAT TAKES YOU BEYOND To take your content and deliver your eBook to the world using all the avenues of publishing
  10. 10. Our reach is limitless We guarantee high quality global ePublishing services and results wherever and whenever you need them Ahead of the trend Our approach combines tradition with innovation. With a firm grip and understanding of the world of digital technology, we use customized branded app solutions and strategies to inspire your readers to read more Know your customers Consumers, end-users, audience members and readers. The list of target market names goes on. We give you the means and technique of really, truly knowing whom you’re talking to. Our goal is to help you personalize and identify your target market WHAT WE DO FOR YOUR BRAND
  11. 11. HOW WE DO IT
  12. 12. What are you doing right? What are you doing wrong? Our full in- depth content audit takes a step- by-step approach to helping you publish branded content that packs a punch. Content Preview From the drafting stage to publishing a flawless line of eBooks via Amazon and Ingram, we help you bring your digital publishing practice to life. Publishing From branded apps to social media to a thought leadership revolution and more, we consult you on all the inner workings of content marketing. We help you map your success in the world of content. Consulting OUR ROLE AND EXPERTISE
  13. 13. We Turn Brands Into Storytellers, And Storytellers Into Branded Content Publishers