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What you need to know about marketing technology and how we ensure you get there rosetta brand


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The world of technology is changing rapidly and “tech-savvy” is increasingly equated with a steadfast ability to adapt quickly to the major shifts and occurrences that take hold online. Brands, brand evangelists, brand ambassadors, content marketers, advertisers, thought leaders and others on the long list of players interlocked in a web of branded content publishing are in perhaps the most fascinating limbo-like state today. On the one hand, branded content publishing and the collective online bias in favour of quality content has afforded branded content publishers the ability to create and advertise more freely.
On the other, it has created a space whereby branded content publishers are wholly dependent on a number of platforms and mediums for brand-to-customer influence and output. The fact is, brands need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon and others as an essential mechanism of online outreach between themselves and their customers. This means those very mediums of content and influence directly affect your impact in the way they regulate, adapt, change or manipulate their processes.

So what does this mean for you and where do we fit in?
Simple. We offer you the knowledge, know-how, foresight and thought leadership necessary to stay ahead of the most immediate marketing technology trends. Just consider the following major developments to get a sense of the scale of change taking place and why it’s important to remain on top of it all

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