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Maria Garrido and Imogen Hewitt's (Havas Media) presentation at Mumbrella360.


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Maria Garrido, Global Chief Insights Officer at Havas Media and Imogen Hewitt, Chief Strategy Officer at Havas Media, presented on Exclusive Research: The Science of Creating Content That Matters at Mumbrella360.

Published in: Marketing
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Maria Garrido and Imogen Hewitt's (Havas Media) presentation at Mumbrella360.

  1. 1. Title XXX XXX
  2. 2. Importance weights Indexed per pillar Good quality prods Delivers Useful Prods Category Leader Fairly Priced Life Easier Me Happier Show-Off Peace of Mind Life Satisfaction Transparent Ethical Diversity Benefits the Economy Good workplace 106 123 113 104 122 112 103 122 111 103 116 106 102 114 105 41% FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS PERSONAL BENEFITS 31% 28% COLLECTIVE BENEFITS
  3. 3. + + +
  4. 4. significantly higher KPIs Meaningful brands generate Brands KPIs M Performance M Performance Overall Impression 37%80% Purchase Intent (non clients) 14%45% Repurchase Intent (clients) 83% 45% Advocacy 76% 33% Premium Price 53% 13% High Low
  5. 5. Return on Meaning Boost by KPI Improving Performance by only 10%, Brand’s KPI Grow by… 14% 12% 10% 8% 6% 4% 2% 0% FAMILIARITY +3% OVERALL IMPRESSION +7% PURCHASE +10% REPURCHASE +5% ADVOCACY +7% PREMIUM PRICE +12% drives Brand KPIs Improving Meaningful Performance
  7. 7. So how do we inspire more meaningful connections?
  8. 8. Videogames F2F Games Spectator Events Sport Events Livestream Events Physical Activities Parties Home Events Fundraising Events VIP Experiences Celebrities Collab. Web Series Short Movies Documentaries Trade Fairs Virtual Experiences Driving Tests Celebrities Interview Catwalk Red Carpet Events Craftsmanship Events Educational Platforms Masterclasses Educational Material Expert Advices Test Driving Nutrition Advices Beauty Consultancy Health Advices Personal Content Educational Material Trade Fairs Own Publications In-Store Events Infographics Beverage Compo. Tastings Guided Visits Food Composition Craftsmanship Events Feature Demos Device Demos Peer reviews Customer Support Lifestyle Apps Monitoring Apps Online Purchasing Nutrition Advices Personal Shopper Free Wi-Fi Ratings Health Advices Medical Units Discounts Contests Special Sales Co-Creation Social Media Sharing Peer reviews Customized Products Celebrities Collab. Web Series Short Movies Documentaries Lifestyle Experiences Contests Expert Advices Lifestyle Apps Monitoring Apps Own Publications In-Store Events Beauty Consultancy Fashion Trends Personal Shopper Inspire Educate HelpEntertain Inform Reward
  9. 9. Association Performance50% 18% Association Performance38% 64%
  10. 10. Brands are dispensable They have to go beyond produc matter to consumers Great content drives meaning, especially when it comes to personal benefits Opportunity for brands to close the gap on personal benefits!
  11. 11. To provide consumers with meaningful content! Entertainment & inspiration are expected Meaningfulness drives higher KPIs for the brands