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2012 mLearning DevCon – Mike Rustici


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2012 mLearning DevCon – Mike Rustici

  1. 1. Mike * @mike_rustici mLearningDevCon
  2. 2. Today we’re going to talk about..
  3. 3. CC image by autowitch on flickrPlumbing!!
  4. 4. Excited?
  5. 5. Emptying the Chamber Pots, illustration from Praxis rerumcriminalium by Joose deDamhouder, 1554 (woodcut) (b/w photo), Dutch School, (16th century) / Private Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library
  6. 6. "General Aspect of London, from Westminster Abbey, c.1850" oil on Canvas Source:
  7. 7. “The British Medical Journal (BMJ) chose “thesanitary revolution” – connecting people’s homesboth to clean piped water and to sewers todispose of their waste – as the most importantmedical milestone since 1840.They thought it was more important thanantibiotics, vaccination or the discovery of thestructure of DNA." “Sewerage Works: Public Investment in Sewers Saves Lives
  8. 8. "General Aspect of London, from Westminster Abbey, c.1850" oil on Canvas Source:
  9. 9. CC image by howzey on flickr
  10. 10. Mobile
  11. 11. Simulations CC image by curimedia on flickr
  12. 12. Educational Games Princess Math: Azada: The Apple App Store on my iPhone
  13. 13. Performance Support
  14. 14. Track Real World Activities CC image by velkr0 on flickr
  15. 15. Offline and Long Running Content CC image by mikecogh on flickr
  16. 16. Security and Authentication CC image by AlexandreDulaunoy on flickr
  17. 17. No Browser Needed
  18. 18. Deeper Layers2. Everything is learning3. Free the data4. ROI – the holy grail
  19. 19. Under the Hood CC image by tuppus on flickr
  20. 20. Questions Mike Rustici * @mike_rustici Project Tin Can * @projecttincan ADL * @ADLTechTeam