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Tin Can NY EdTech 2/26/13 - Megan Bowe


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Tin Can NY EdTech 2/26/13 - Megan Bowe

  1. 1. Megan Bowe | Rustici Software | @meganbowe | #tincanapi February 26, 2013
  2. 2. Interoperability#TinCanAPI |
  3. 3. (quit looking so excited)#TinCanAPI |
  4. 4. SCORM was cute in the 90s#TinCanAPI |
  5. 5. It did one thing fairly well SCORM Course Did they finish? Did the pass? What was their score? How much time was spent? Four for you And, four for you ....and four for you LMS 1 LMS 2 LMS 3#TinCanAPI |
  6. 6. We’ve outgrown it.#TinCanAPI |
  7. 7. A shared language to capture people’s experiences across contexts.#TinCanAPI |
  8. 8. Tin Can Basics Activity Statements Learning Record Store (LRS) Actor | Verb | Object LRS and... result, context, authority, activity, extensions#TinCanAPI |
  9. 9. Application Application ents LRS’ share and receive, State m without knowing what’s State m ents coming. LRS LRS Visualization Visualization or Reporting or Reporting Interface Interface#TinCanAPI |
  10. 10. Now, everyone’s invited to the party. Mobile Applications Social Games Platforms Simulators LMS 1 eBooks ...and more LRS LMS 2#TinCanAPI |
  11. 11. Main parts of a statement#TinCanAPI |
  12. 12. I did this.Brian Miller experienced Java JAX RS · wordnik/swagger-core Wiki’Brian Miller experienced A Comparison of Spring MVC and JAX-RS’Tammy Rutherford experienced Questions Ive Fielded on Tin Can API’Megan Bowe completed Js Tetris - Tin Can Prototype’ with Score ‘794’Megan Bowe attempted Js Tetris - Tin Can PrototypeMegan Bowe completed Js Tetris Level1’ with Score ‘780’Megan Bowe liked Why Im adopting Tin Can’Tammy Rutherford shared ‘her business card’#TinCanAPI |
  13. 13. A Simple Statement. From the Statement Generator#TinCanAPI |
  14. 14. You can define a lot of context specific data added to a statement with URIs Verbs What did they do? Extensions What other data is important to this activity? Results What was the outcome? Activities What did they interact with?#TinCanAPI |
  15. 15. Statements are flexible. They can become complex. [and move a lot of data] Yes, you too, can make a big mess.#TinCanAPI |
  16. 16. Giving teachers the tools to make sense of formative data Completions Achievements#TinCanAPI |
  17. 17. Get Involved.Megan BoweRustici