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Shifting Policy & Practice Through Learning Platform Kudoz - Jonas Piet & Sarah Schulman


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Kudoz is a learning platform designed with and for adults with cognitive disabilities. It’s the product of a unique 3-year partnership between service providers, a government agency and social design agency InWithForward.

Service design helped to drive change on multiple levels.

For people like Aaron, Kudoz shifts outcomes. We met Aaron at a program for people with cognitive disabilities, doing the same activities day after day. He discovered through Kudoz his passion for comedy and now gets paid to do gigs.

Kudoz helps to build capacity for service providers. There now is a shared studio where a team of new and existing staff works on R&D. Kudoz starts to influence staff hiring and other services.

For systems: Kudoz helped to bring a user-centered approach into the government agency. We’re helping to tweak funding streams and metrics.

Kudoz is shortlisted for a Service Design Award. Find out more in this case study.

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